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4 Tips And Tricks For Double Majors

The exact definition of double major can vary from one university to the other. However, the general definition refers to a student who has earned one undergraduate degree but has completed the credits required for two majors. If you are thinking about adding another major to your course load or you’re going into college with the intent to double major, here are some tips for getting started or maintaining a double major status.


Map out the next four years of school 

This will allow you to look at the bigger picture, which allows you to see what classes you need to take. It will also keep track of any prerequisites and how many credits you’ll take each semester. Seeing your next four years can help you understand your majors and what the school requires. This will ensure that you aren’t overloading yourself with classwork and will allow you to join clubs or even have a part-time job.

Taking AP classes can be very beneficial

Even if you are trying to double major or get into college with an upper hand, AP classes can be helpful. AP, or advanced placement, is a program created by the College Board that offers high school students college-level curriculum and credits. If a student’s chosen university accepts their credits from previous AP classes they have taken, this can allow them to bypass many of the required intro classes.

It does vary from college to college if they can accept AP credits. Some may accept all the credits on a student’s transcript, while another takes only half. However, this can be helpful if you’re a double major because then you can start your required major classes during your first year. 


Try taking summer classes to catch up on your workload 

Students who are not in high school and are just now deciding to add a major should do this. It may not seem ideal, but summer classes can pay off in the long run. Most schools provide summer classes for their students. However, if you are enrolled at a school with a summer curriculum that doesn’t have the classes you need, try looking at a local community college. Summer classes can also help alleviate your class load during the school year, which will allow you to focus on courses that are geared towards your interests. 

Keep in mind whether the majors have any overlapping classes

When choosing to double major, this is the best thing to do. This means that you won’t have to take double the amount of classes. Though the best thing to think about when choosing two majors to study is whether you have a passion for the subject. It’s not ideal to consider two concentrations that aren’t interesting to you or do not pertain to your dream job. 

Lastly, for more information, try talking to a guidance counselor or other students who have decided to double major. They can let you know information about your university that you may not be aware of. They can help you learn how to maneuver the school’s curriculum and what majors work best for you.


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