10 Things To Do Before Leaving Your Apartment for Break

Leaving college for break is one of the best things that happens during the year. You get to leave the stress of finals and college behind and go home to your loved ones and good food. Although you may be in a rush to go home, don't forget to do a few essential things around your apartment before you leave. Here are a few things to make sure you do when are ready to leave when the day arrives.                                                  

1. Clean out the fridge

You really do not want to come back to a fridge full of spoiled food, that you then have to clean out and deal with the smell. Do yourself a favor and clean out your fridge before you leave.

2. Clean the common areas

Do you really want to come back to a dirty apartment? I know it may not be your favorite thing to do, but it will be well worth it to come back to a clean place after break.

3. Clean the bathroom

This one is pretty obvious. Break is over a month long, so leaving a bathroom dirty will just be more disgusting to have to clean later. Do yourself a favor and clean it before break.

4. Clean your room

Pick up any unnecessary junk, papers or clothes and make sure they go in their proper places. Also make sure any banned items that you may have in your dorm are hidden, because we all know that inspections always happen during break.

5. Pack before the day you leave

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get your stuff together so you do not forget something important. Make sure you take any medication that you take regularly and anything that you know you will want over break like chargers and your computer.

6. Double-Check

Just to make sure that you did not forget anything important, you should definitely double-check your packing and your room. This way you do not get home just to realize that you left your laptop charger at school for the next month and a half.

7. Empty all the trashcans

Make sure to empty those smelly trashcans so that you don’t come back to the food that you threw out of the fridge. No one likes the smell of sour milk or rotten food.

8. Breathe a sigh of relief

You get to leave campus for a month and a half, see family that you have not seen in a while and see old friends. You are free of any homework, exams or professors for a whole month and a half. Enjoy it.

9. Say goodbye to your roommates for break

Make sure you tell your roommates when you are leaving and when you are returning, so that any conflicts that could arise from these situations will no longer occur. It is always good to give your roommates a heads up of when any parents are going to be in the vicinity as well.

10. Say goodbye to your friends

Make promises to text and call them over the break. Also begin to make plans for when you get back that you both know you will forget.

Enjoy your break, you deserve it!

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