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Tech Tips: 5 Google Chrome Extensions for a Better Life

As a college student in 2019, I use my computer a lot. Either I’m checking emails, refreshing Brightspace, procrastinating via Facebook, completing a project, procrastinating via Youtube, etc. etc. etc. Since I’m on my computer just about all the time, I’ve compiled a list of some the best Google Chrome Extensions to make your life easier.

  1. Momentum
    This extension replaces the new tab page with a dashboard whose goal is to make you focus. The background changes every day, featuring beautiful landscape from anywhere in the world. You have the option to personalize your to-do list, as well as write in your main focus of the day. At the bottom, Momentum presents you with a daily quote to motivate and inspire you.

  2. PostureMinder
    STOP. Take a second and think about how you are reading this article. Is your neck bent over, your shoulders slouched, hunched over your device? How often do you check your posture and how well you’re sitting? If it’s very often, please tell me your secrets. Otherwise, check out PostureMinder, the extension that allows you to set reminders for yourself to sit up straight or take a walk. Do your body a favor and keep your back straight.

  3. Drink!
    While you’re grinding for that exam, I’m sure drinking water is the last thing on your mind. This extension gives you the option to set reminders to drink water as frequently as you like. While there are countless apps out there that accomplish this, Drink! has a minimalist style that I prefer because it’s not distracting.

  4. AdBlock Plus
    I can never use computers that don’t have AdBlock installed. Videos are a pain to watch and websites are just obnoxious to scroll through. If I have to click through more than 5 ads before getting to the content, then I’m just clicking the ‘x’ in the corner. Full disclosure—some websites are AdBlock proof and will require you to whitelist their site. In the long run though, life is easier when ads aren’t there to entice and distract you from work.

  5. Right Inbox
    Just recently, I forgot to email a professor back about office hours and only realized my mistake at about midnight. With the pressure of professionalism looming over me, I set my weekend alarm for 8AM so I could get that email out as soon as possible. It got me thinking that there should be an option to schedule when emails are sent—and then I found Right Inbox. The basic package ($0.00/month) allows you to schedule up to 10 emails per month, which was more than enough for me. If you anticipate needing to schedule more, however, scour the Google Chrome store to find one that works for you!

All in all, my thoughts on the aforementioned extensions are my own opinions. As a student, these extensions greatly help me stay focused during the day, ensure that I look professional, and most importantly, remind me to take care of my body.

Anuja Mehta

Vanderbilt '21

Majors: Neuroscience and Computer Science "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new path"
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