The Most Iconic Dogs of Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is home to many iconic people, places, and things, but most importantly: dogs. The furry friends that we see around Vanderbilt’s campus lift the spirits of the students and give them encouragement to push through their rigorous academics. Below, we’ll introduce you to some of Vanderbilt’s most adorable furry friends.


Ellie French-Ford-Johnson

Ellie is a great doggo who loves to spend time on Rand Wall. Her humans are Michaela French, Amber Ford, and Andriana Johnson. She enjoys eating blueberries and playing with her sparkly toy donut. Ellie loves making new friends so if you see her out and about feel free to come play with her!


Rusty Stevens

Rusty is a favorite on Vanderbilt Spirit Team. His humans are Laurie and Justin. His favorite toy to play with is Rocky the Racoon. Rusty’s favorite treat is blueberries and he can be found playing on Alumni Lawn.



Rumi is one of the most iconic dogs of Warren and Moore (aka Kissam). She loves to play fetch on Curry Field next to Wilson Hall. Her toy of choice is her squeaky green cactus. Rumi loves her human Treena, especially when she gives her meat.


These are just a few of the great dogs that roam Vanderbilt’s campus. They and their owners would love for you to stop by and play with them if you ever see them out and about!