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A Letter to the First Semester of My Freshman Year

Dear First Semester of My Freshman Year,
You’ve been great. Wait, no… You’ve been alright. There have been ups and downs, good weeks and bad weeks, fun times and not-so-fun times, but I wouldn’t trade any part of it for the world. When we first met, I thought our time together would be much different than it turned out to be. I imagined myself hanging out in Downtown Nashville every weekend, going out to eat in Hillsboro Village as much as possible, and acing all my classes after studying my butt off every night. What you turned out to be was weekends spent laying around in my pjs eating popcorn, dozens of lunch/dinner date cancellations, and an insufficient amount of motivation to do homework. I thought I’d be going out to parties like I saw on TV or I would have the absolute best time hanging out in people’s dorms like in the movies, but I was definitely wrong. I learned how much I value my personal space (which means absolutely no parties or hangout sessions in my dorm room), what it means to care about someone even if you don’t like that person, and that some pretty crazy/sad/hurtful things can and will happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. My time with you has included things I didn’t expect like race protests and a truer understanding of rape culture, but it’s also made me really appreciate delivery ice cream (Jeni’s for the win :)) and 12:01 am Munchie Mart runs.
All in all, it’s been 110% worth every second. I wouldn’t want to be at any other school.
Anchor Down! 
Muna Ikedionwu

Vanderbilt '19

Muna is studying Medical Humanities & The Arts and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University. She loves supporting small businesses, watching indie films on weekends, and can talk for hours about anything from the newest addition to her skincare routine to how the digitization of political news has changed society for the better. Her motto is "Be fearless. Be authentic. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters."
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