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Career Fair Tips and Tricks

For my senior ladies out there, can you believe our last year has finally rolled around? I could spew all the cliches about time flying and the last few years passing in a blink of an eye, but we have more important things to discuss. In other words, what comes next?

I know we haven’t been battling tooth and nail for our respective degrees just to hang them up on bedroom walls or family’s fridges, and then sit around and twiddle our thumbs. No, we are earning those degrees so we can become doctors, researchers, engineers, CEOs, economists, entrepreneurs, directors, conductors and professors. And the first step that can launch us towards achieving our various aspirations is attending the Career Fair on September 5th at the Rec Center.

In the interest of making sure the ladies are the best dressed and best prepared group, I’ve compiled a list of some pointers that will make the Career Fair feel like a breeze.

  • Dress to Impress. Dress professionally as if you are going to a real interview. Dress pants or knee-length skirts with nice blouses or tailored shirts will make you look put together and professional. Try to stick to the color palette of navy, blue, tan, gray, burgundy, black, and beige. And remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

  • Do your homework. Go the Career Center’s website to find out which businesses and companies will be at the fair, and then research your preferred choices. There’s nothing worse that getting into a conversation with a recruiter and realizing you don’t know a thing about their company. Have some questions prepared to ask them to show your interest level.

  • The resume. For the companies you are most interested in, tailor your resume to fit those employers. Sometimes they will ask to see a resume, but if they don’t, don’t be alarmed. Some employers don’t want to collect a rain forest worth of paper, and others might prefer electronic copies. Still, it’s recommended you have a least a couple on hand for the rare occasion.

  • Send a follow-up email. To show a recruiter that you are really interested in their company and really want to work for them, reach out to them a day or two after the dair. Send an email that lets them know you enjoyed speaking with them and look forward to applying for any jobs they mentioned, or to let you know when they have positions available in the future.

  • For more tips, click here.

Dress sharp, be ready to have some conversations and ask some questions, and be sure to pop up in your favorite companies’ inboxes shortly after the fair. Hope these tips help ladies. Now go get yourselves hired!

Taylor Evans

Vanderbilt '19

Taylor is a Cincinnati native majoring in public health and English at Vanderbilt University. She loves rainy afternoons spent browsing Barnes and Noble, lazy walks through grocery stores, searching for funny and heart-warming stories on Twitter, and hours spent curled next to her two puggles with a coffee in hand. When she’s not in class, you'll probably find her listening to alternative tunes while scrolling through Pinterest.
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