You May Be A College Student If...

It is clear by now that if you are a college student, or have ever been one, that there is no experience in the world quite like it. It is a unique time in life and whether you’ve been enrolled for a semester or seven semesters, you must take each day as it comes! For those that are currently enduring the collegiate struggle, there will be some things we all find ourselves having in common.

You’ve accepted your sleep depravity:

It’s no longer a matter of catching up on sleep, now it’s simply catching as much sleep as you can, whenever you can. Even if that means taking a cat nap in Starbucks between classes or slipping into a n accidental snooze in a random place.

You’ve pulled a legit all-nighter.

We’re talking about being awake for both sunset and sunrise. It may sound nice, but that time wasn’t spent witnessing the beauty of nature. Instead, it wasn’t likely spent either cramming, on an adderall frenzy…or partying (there are in-betweens, of course).

You have explored the possibility of dropping out

Not everyone has the thought, and not all students want to admit that they have the thought. However, if your course load is challenging enough and you see enough millennials that aren’t in college succeeding, you think about all kinds of possible side-hustles and back-up plans!

You have experienced a total meltdown

Whatever your version of a meltdown may be, you’ve had it. I, admittedly, am slightly more dramatic than most so my meltdown may or may not have included a bit of kicking and screaming. Sometimes it conveniently happens in the privacy of your own space, other times it happens in the middle of Publix (because on top of everything else you can’t find that one ingredient for the Pinterest recipe that probably isn’t going to come out right anyway).

You have woken up at the butt crack of dawn just to secure your spot in a class

Yes, it’s registration, folks. The time of year we all know and hate. Mostly because half of us end up with awful advisers who know less than we do and the other half have it all squared away, but still might have to fight to the death for the perfect schedule. Eventually, the stress of registering for the semester ahead eases up, but the stress about the semester in general will still be there waiting.

Overcoming illness just to attend class

Despite the fever, hacking cough, or nausea, if attendance is required, you could still be found in your classes. Taking notes and trying to avoid sudden death. Sometimes you know exactly where the sickness came from, other times you have no idea, but anyone that even looks like they’re recovering should be shunned. Even if

Side note: PLEASE be careful, sometimes ignoring your sick body can sometimes do more harm than good! Listen to your body, take care of your body

You’ve scraped up some coins to make a purchase

Looking in random locations to see if you can find some dollar bills or loose change, borrowed a buck or two from a friend, or combining funds with someone to split a meal. Financial stability is nonexistent at this point, which isn't a good thing when there's so many cool places to go, foods to eat, and unnecessary/necessary things to buy!

The great part about college is that it doesn't last always. Although, I've heard we're going to miss these days. So maybe we should straddle the fence and at least try to enjoy being in this season of life, even though it's actually kind of annoying. Plus, let's just admit that sometimes the hard stuff is actually laughable!