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Being a 20-something year old is super stressful. I think there are more things going on in this phase of our lives than any other time, but alas. We’ve got to make it through and look damn good doing it.


Now, one thing that has truly been a saving grace during this period has been yoga. Yoga isn’t a religion, it’s a physical practice toward mental and bodily peace and strength. It has truly eased my mind on the toughest days and continues to make my body look like a nicely grilled and curvy Coke bottle. So, here it is: 4 ways yoga elevated my quality of life.

It taught me to relish in my process.

  • Yoga can be really intimidating when you check Instagram and people are standing on their heads or balancing their entire body on one hand. So, I was hesitant to start, but my yoga teachers and friends assured me that those poses were reached through allowing the body to adjust and accepting it for where it was.

It taught me to appreciate my body.

  • Every pose sits in a person’s body differently. So, once I realized that I could stop comparing myself to others because no matter how hard I work or how strong I get, our poses will always be unique to our very own skeletons.

It taught me to breathe.

  • The power in taking a deep inhale and even deeper exhale is something that can be applied to everyday life. Often times we don’t give ourselves an opportunity to stop and breathe in some air to exhale all the nonsense from a day. It’s wildly beneficial to the mind and is guaranteed to give at least 2 more minutes before you pop off on somebody!

It taught me simplicity is often underrated.

  • There are some very simple poses in yoga that can be overlooked and underappreciated, but finding the strength and challenge in something simple can always be a nice paprika sprinkle addition to the mix! Find the simple parts and embrace them until they are exhausted!



Try something new! The Yogis wait for you.

Danysha Lamadieu is a 20 something year old blogger, attending Valdosta State University majoring in Theatre Performance. She plans, after graduation, to be a Educational Outreach Director for a theatre on the east coast!
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