Working Women: Meet Model and Business Owner Teisha Williams

Meet Teisha Williams, a model and owner of Babydollfinds. She is known for her amazing selfies, encouraging words and passion for social justice.  "I am honestly a hot ass mess. I take my life day by day and I try to make it all count. I'm a sweet cherry 'gurl' in a sour apple world and that is my favorite way to explain it," Williams told me.

Originally from the Bay Area, she has been modeling for about 4 years now after she agreed to be the muse for a friend's photography portfolio. After modeling for so long, she appreciates the growth she has accomplished.

"From my first time modeling to this very day I can say that my confidence has totally blossomed. I exude all of my personality in my selfies and I do my best to transfer that sass through my photoshoots. I learn something new about myself each time I shoot and new pointers for next time." 

Along with modeling, Williams founded Babydollfinds. Babydollfinds is an online store where you can find super cute accessories and the adorable "Moody Beauty" t-shirt. After working retail for so long, she was able to expand her knowledge of customer service which led her to start her own store. Being a business owner can cause for a lot of different feelings but she says it's worth it, "Having my own business is stressful, liberating, time/energy consuming and blissful as hell all at the same damn time."

Williams says that business was slow during the beginning stages but as he product began to grow so did her following and brand. "Babydollfinds still has a lot of work to do but I am so proud of my baby and I genuinely wouldn't rather do anything other than nurture it." She appreciates the support she receives from her followers, "My following grows everyday. I don't even know what I would do without them. My audience truly supports me emotionally, mentally and financially and it is a beautiful thing to know people rock so hard with not only your exterior persona but who you really are and what your dreams are about."

She does have some advice for aspiring models and business owners: "Never stop creating! Never stop trying! Give everything your all. You will only improve and continue to bloom! You're beautiful and society is lame as hell. Don't conform to anyone else's ideals, do what feels right for you. Ride your own wave. Walk your own path. Give 'em hell honey!"

If you want to keep up with Teisha you can follow her on Twitter @taysadoll and Instagram @teishajenaie.