Why Tory Lanez should be ashamed of himself

So are we really going to act like he didn't shoot a woman just because the album on which he gaslights her sounds good?

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the current Tory Lanez and Megan the Stallion drama. If you haven’t here is a quick summary: Our own Hot Girl Meg was at a party at Kylie Jenner's house with Tory Lanez and other socialites; During the car ride home, Megan was shot at, and there was shrapnel that had to be removed from her foot. It was Lanez’s gun, and there were only four people in the car, Lanez, Meg, Meg’s friend, and Lanez’s bodyguard. So we've seen this narrative online of people saying that because Tory Lanez released an album denying all of Megan the stallion's claims that he is now innocent. Men have been really good at denying in 2020, but we're not going for it. Megan the stallion showed pictures of her foot on Instagram and the hospital verified they had to remove shrapnel from it; Yet people love to discredit black women, so although technically tory didn't "shoot her" he shot at her, which ended up with her being hurt. So technically he did shoot her

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A lot of people are using Megan's claim that she was shot, and the fact that a bullet didn’t actually hit to discredit her claims; Lanez is also adding details about their relationship that are irrelevant to the fact that he shot her, and blaming Megan's team for pushing a false narrative. Gaslighting and Manipulation 101, we don't rock with this. Lanez bringing up the possibility of romantic involvement will likely shift public opinion in his favor, putting further stress on Megan, because as Keke Palmer said, “Who wants to get shot, and then have an album gaslighting you that people believe because it sounds good.” This is exactly what Lanez is doing. However, the fact remains that Lanez was in the car with Megan and his security guard and Meg's friend, and the firearm was registered under Tory’s name. man behind a black lives matter sign Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it just might be a friggin' duck. Tory Lanez is trying to pull a Kanye on us, by saying outlandish things and denying his wrongs outright. Many people have been canceling the rapper, this is due to the way he handled the situation and the fact that he shot her at all. This all happened in the wake of the Breonna Taylor verdict, which just demonstrates the lack of empathy for black femmes in America. Black men should be protecting black women, especially in times like these, and Tory Lanez is setting a really bad precedent. He is trying to profit off of the situation and using Megan's pain to gain streams and increase his album sales. In conclusion, we don’t rock with losers who shoot ladies in the foot as they try to leave. 


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