Where is Fall?

Excuse me Valdusty State University, where is my Fall weather? You bring hurricane rain for 7 minutes out of the day and blistering heat any other time, but the one thing I ask for... a breeze.. a wisp... something! I am ready for sweater weather, boots, and blankets.. but you out here ruining plans. I only dress for one season and I am ready to step out and pop you hear me. 

First and foremost, I feel disrespected and tried, because every year its the same foolery. Don't nobody want to wait until January to pull out a jacket. I need tea, fuzzy socks, hats that I can wear 24/7 and nobody look at me crazy. Where is sweatpants season?! I have fits to wear and a heating blanket to use, but it's 90+ degrees outside like that's what I asked for. 

At this point, I am upset.

I dress for one season only.. the cold. I am running out of sweat shorts, running shorts, tank tops, and I hate sandals. So please, all I'm asking for is a little TLC. Where is October.. November.. December? Why we not there yet? What's really good?! I just want to be great in my infinity scarves and oversized hoodies. So Valdosta... get it together.

Sincerely pissed off,

A college Finesser and professional Fall Dresser