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What I’ve Learned from the Refined Musically… Let’s Talk TikTok!

Ever heard the claim “Tik tok has taught me more than middle school”? Well, Let’s discuss what I’ve picked up from our generation’s biggest new platform!

While scrolling through the “For You” page, I’m always mindlessly wondering if I’m using my time wisely. A dance challenge here, a snarky teen there, and it all seems like useless entertainment until I come across surprisingly informal content! Even just a few minutes ago, I opened the app to find a young woman in her 20s throwing helpful advice at me. In the video, she shares a plethora of tips including: Keep first aid kit and tool box, leave a six-by-six foot square of clean space in your home at all times, and add an extra 30 minutes to your get-ready time to prevent tardiness. The kits allow you to be prepared in the case of emergencies. The clean square provides an oasis in your home if the “waters” are turbulent. The extra 30 minutes is a technique that I practice religiously as it does help if I’m running a bit late. Just from this one video, I’m getting very useful reminders. And if I’m finding substance in these tidbits, I’m sure others are as well. The video also advises young people to cook less food if they eat less to avoid throwing away meals. I agree with all these tips as they are valid things to know. Saving food, money, and/or energy is always a plus! This is one helpful side of TikTok.

TikTok also has a plethora of other “sides”. One of my favorite sides is “spiritual TikTok” which include tarot card readings, horoscopes, and crystals recommendations. This aspect of the app will have you questioning relationships and taking those meaningful steps closer to mindfulness. Some great journal prompts I got from @insidethenout include “What habits do you have that others may find annoying?” and “How can you show yourself more love this weeks?” I liked the prompts on that account so much that I purchased a journal from them! (Not sponsored, not affiliated…) And I can’t wait to use it!

There’s no way you haven’t encountered animal education TikTok. @Mndiaye_97 is very well known for his highly informal videos on various creatures and organisms both exotic and common. However, his delivery of this information is really what keeps me coming back. I especially loves his video about puppies being emotional support animals for cheetahs. I never knew this and so much of the other things he tells his viewers about. Like jellyfish you should not touch on the beach (Man-o-war) and which animals lack the most intelligence (koalas).

My final favorite set of TikTok tips are of the art community. There are many hacks and challenges for an inspiration-less artist like me to take advantage of. The glitch trend allows for artists to create a cool, somewhat TikTok themed, piece of work. I’ve tried it, and it works like a charm! You draw/paint an image in black and then line one side of the black line in one color. Then you line the other side of the black line in another color. The final details include drawing horizontal lines in either color to finish the “glitched” look.

There’s so much more to discuss when it comes to learning on TikTok, so if you haven’t tried it, please do! If you have? Try and take note of how much you learn on the app and share it with others.


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Zyaria Wright

Valdosta '24

Hi! I'm Zyaria (Zye-air-ruh) and I'm a Psych major. This is my second year at VSU and I'm trying to get more involved… so here I am! I'm an creative person and I dabble in many areas ranging from traditional art to book binding to lifting to dance. I just love forms of self expression! I also watch anime, collect crystals, and game on my Xbox. I'm cis-het and afro-latinx.
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