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We Don’t Need No Reboots!

Recently, I’ve been seeing talk on twitter about a Martin reboot. I’m not sure how true it is because we all know the internet be lying, but if it is true. Please save it.

It’s nothing personal against Martin, even though I’m not going to lie and say I was the biggest fan of Martin (I didn’t think it was that funny. Sorry not sorry.) But I wouldn’t even want some of my favorite old black TV shows, Sister Sister, Girlfriends, Living Single, to come back.

Why not you no good heifer? You may be asking.

Because there are TALENTED, BRILLIANT, CREATIVE young black writers with amazingly inspiring ideas who deserve to have their shows given a shot.

I want to watch black shows with relevant topics and people who are my age, are living in my world, etc. I don’t want to see no damn Martin.

For example: Insecure and Grown-ish. These are GREAT shows and I am SO happy that they are being given a shot. What I don’t want, is to revisit the 90s.

And yes the 90s were awesome, but….I think 2018 is pretty okay too.


Markesia Barron is a senior at Valdosta State University. She majors in Middle Grades Education concentrated in Language Arts and Reading. After graduation, she plans to become a middle school Language Arts teacher in the Metro Atlanta area. Markesia enjoys writing, reading, super-hero movies, and meditating outside. She's a big Beyonce fan and self-care enthusiast.
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