WCW: Tracee Ellis Ross

WCW: Tracee Ellis Ross

She’s a fashionista, a rapper, actress, hostess, and a close friend of mine-- in my head, at least.Tracee Ellis Ross is an all around #GirlBoss. While Tracee is a talented actress, with a variety of awards and accolades to her name, Ross is also admirable because of the roles that she portrays as a strong Black woman. An oldie, but a goodie is the hit series, Girlfriends, where Ross played the successful lawyer in her friend group. On her most recent hit series, Black-ish, she plays a successful doctor/mom/wife. The show itself is slept on by a pretty large population so if you haven’t done so yet, definitely check it out (via Hulu or Fox, the network that it airs on.) It’s purely inspirational that her presence in Hollywood is growing and the appreciation for her craft is, as well.


#LittleKnownBlackHistoryFact Tracee Ellis Ross became the first black woman (since 1983) to win Best Actress in a TV series, musical, or comedy from starring in Black-ish. Which also happened to be her first Golden Globe. Goooo her!!

TMurda, as Tracee likes to call herself when she’s rapping, is one of the more openly independent women in the spotlight. Then, as if she isn’t already great, she tops it off with exuding class and charm in every red carpet look that she serves. In a world that feeds so heavily on drama and the mess that people hand-deliver, especially public figures or celebrities, she doesn’t provide any ingredients for y’all to make tea from!

She is always vocal for the right reasons with just the right words, and unlike a lot of celebrities, doesn't always wait for the "right" time. You can see her self-love from a mile away, or at least through the computer screen from my experience. She doesn't try to tame her unruly, gorgeous curls, or try to shy away from authenticity. 

Sometimes, Tracee Ellis Ross posts videos of her working out and those little 50 second clips will make you want to get your entire life together. You will find that the more you follow her posts, she loves to uplift other women in the business, especially her mom, legendary singer, Diana Ross. When she’s not getting her sweat on, or careering, she’s spitting bars as TMurda…I hope you didn’t think I was joking because that is an actual thing (via YouTube: Tracee Ellis Ross.)

I am here for every positive vibe that she emits! And you should be too. I encourage you to follow my homegirl on IG @traceeellisross and follow her blog at traceeellisross.com because she might be the little bit of sunshine that you need on your feed!