Vlogger Crush Monday

Hey Ladies, if you never heard of or seen Nathan Zed, let me be the one to change your life. Nathan Zed is a 20-year-old Virginia Tech, Student, but he is so much more than that. Nathan zed joined the Vlogger scene in 2011, gaining popularity on Vine (RIP) and YouTube, under the name TheThirdPew. Since then, he has been taking a break from constantly posting videos, but still actively gives his opinions and advice on social media platforms such as Twitter (@NathanZed and Instagram (@NathanZed).

In November of 2016, Nathan uploaded a video called “You’re Not Good Enough”. In this video he talks about the internal insecurities he’s had about not feeling adequate in the things he does. Like him, I know a lot of us let our mind get the best of us, and causes us to feel “Not Good Enough.” Around April of 2017, he started posting pictures of his new merchandise that would soon be for sale, with the phrase “Good Enough” on it. When he started selling these shirts, he wanted everyone to know what this shirt and phrase meant to him. Nathan wanted himself and all his followers to know that no matter what others/yourself say or do to make you feel inadequate, you are good enough. Since the release of these shirts, Nathan has made a video called “You Actually Are Good Enough”, and in this video, he talks about how successful his shirts have been (I have two of them now) and how his followers have been messaging and telling him how much these shirts means to them. It’s not just a shirt with words to people, this shirt and the phrase written on it, helps people through everyday situations and encourages to be their most authentic self because they are GOOD ENOUGH.

Nathan Zed is a humble and outstanding young man. He's wise beyond his years and is not afraid to admit his failures or his success. Those characteristics, plus him being easy on the eyes, are why he is my Vlogger Crush Monday.