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Unity Ball 2019

This year at Valdosta State University, the NAACP chapter at VSU and the Black History Month Committee planned the first ever Unity Ball. With over 150 tickets sold, the event was a huge success. Everyone who attended said the event was great and fun but I reached out to a few individual students to see exactly how their night went. 

The first two students that I interviewed were students who were over the sound control for the event. Brian Bouges is a DJ at Valdosta State University who has DJd many events on campus. He also had the help of Khalin Brawner who is another well-known DJ at Valdosta State University. Both men thought the event was very beautiful and were thankful they had the opportunity to DJ the event. 

“I believe the event went great. It was a good event that had good vibes and fun people. I can't wait to see what the committee and NAACP do next year. I hope it gets bigger and better every year it is at Valdosta.”- Brian Bouges 


I also asked a few more students how they thought the event went. Ivy Morrow, a sophomore from Tifton, Georgia, loved the event. She talks about how it felt great to wear her prom dress for last time. 

“I loved the event. I thought it was a good idea to have a ‘college prom’. I’ve been wanting to bring out my prom dress again and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. Great job guys!” - Ivy Morrow (pictured: royal blue dress) 

Nia Parker, a sophomore from Los Angelas, California, also had something to say about the event. Nia was apart of the Black History Month committee and was partially over the Unity Ball. 

"Whew! The ball was very stressful to plan, but seeing the happy looks on everyone's faces made everything I did worth it. I could not have done this by myself and I am glad I had the committee and my friends behind my back the entire time" - Nia Parker (pictured: green dress) 

Troy Sawyer, the photographer over the event, also enjoyed himself at the ball. From capturing dance moves, to joyful tears, he made sure every moment would be captured through his lens. 

“The event was pretty good to me. Especially for the first one. I can definitely see it being bigger and better in the future” - Troy Sawyer 

The last student who I had the opportunity to interview was the woman who was over it all. D’Layna Jonas, a senior at Valdosta State University, talks about how grateful she is to be over the month and event. D’Layna is the President of NAACP at VSU and was also the head committee chair for the Black History Month Committee. I asked her how the event impacted the Valdosta State community and how she thought the event went.

“I feel as though the ball was definitely a great impact on Valdosta State because it showed that no matter what your background is we can all come together and enjoy a night of achievement and fun. Usually there is this giant elephant in the room when either party enters the room when we try and support one another’s events, but it was not like that for the Unity Ball. Everyone danced, everyone spoke and I met new faces. Truly a speechless moment when I think of how to describe the overall emotion of the ball turning out well” - D’Layna Jonas 

The 2019 Unity Ball was something I think I will never forget. Being apart of the Black History Month committee and seeing the amount of work each individual put into the month and the event was beautiful. I am so thankful I got the chance to work with so many hardworking people. The 2019 Black History Month committee will always have a special place in my heart and I can't wait to see all the work every individual puts into this campus. Thank you guys for allowing me to work with each of you, and just know you will always have my support with everything that you do. 


Photo(s) credit: Troy Sawyer 

Twitter: TroydellBeckham 

Insta: troywiththecamera





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