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The Truth About Waist Trainers

You can find everyone from Kim Kardashian to Amber Rose rocking the waist trainer. These new waist clinching devices are all the rage this year, but what do they really do to our waist? Yes, once one the waist trainer slims your waist to its most desirable appearance but what happens once you take it off and how long and how tight should you wear your waist trainer? Well ladies, here are some of the truths behind the waist trainer:

1.  The waist trainer only provides temporary results.  While wearing your waist trainer and maybe immediately after its removal your waist may seem slimmer, but the effects only last for a few hours if that. If you’re looking for a “real life” slimmer waist a healthy diet and consistent exercise is the only way to long lasting results.


2. Waist training while working out may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Constricting your waist while working out can interrupt your breathing causing shallow breaths, lessen your ability to work your abs and lessen your overall mobility during exercise.

3. Long term and continuous use of waist trainers can weaken your core muscles and wearing them to tight can alter your thoracic cavity and crush organs. They also have been known to cause ongoing back pain and increase the chances of reflux.

On the other hand wearing a waist trainer can show you what you could look like if you started a healthier lifestyle. They’re good motivators but should not become a lifestyle choice. There really is no shortcut to a better body without watching what you eat and working out.



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