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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

The world is a big place and let’s face it sometimes we can feel pretty small. Even in our little college bubbles things can get pretty chaotic and we just don’t feel like ourselves anymore or worse we don’t know who we are. No worries, I assure you this is completely normal!! To make the journey a little smoother here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Remember what your parents taught you.

Okay, I know this sounds super cliche, but trust me on this one. Your parents have laid the foundation so it is important to keep these things in mind and as you mature build upon what is already there.

2. Try new things.

How do you know your likes and dislikes if you don’t get out there and experiment? I’ll answer for you, you don’t! So get out there and go crazy! Well, not too crazy, but pick up a new book, go hiking, join a club, just experience something different.

3.Spend time with yourself.

This is the most important tip. Take yourself out, meditate, do a puzzle, do anything that allows you to have one on one time with you. This is the time you use to set boundaries and goals for yourself. Major key! And lastly, but not least

4. Don’t be afraid to stick out.

Conformity is so last season. It is completely fine if you think outside the box. What fun would life be if we all were the same? So go ahead, let your light shine ever so brightly!



Michaela Washington is a current writer for Her Campus, Valdosta State Chapter. She is a senior, psychology major at Valdosta State University. She is an aspiring Mental health counselor through the field of Social work. Her hobbies include poetry. spoken word and painting. Growing up a military brat she has acquired quite an eclectiv view of the world and applies it to all aspects of life; fashion, music, and life philosophies. There is beauty in diversity. Follow her on Instagram @universoully_sound or on Twitter @Mschaela.
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