Student Spotlight: Monet Fair

Check out this article on this campus beauty who loves to do makeup and promote. I shall introduce Ms. Monet Fair!

Name: Monet Fair

Age: 20

Hometown: Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Public Relations

HC: What made you choose Valdosta State University out of all the schools in the state of Georgia?

MF: I was highly attracted to the school and it was one of the first school's that I got accepted into! I felt welcomed when I came to visit the school!

HC: Who inspires you? Why?

MF: My mom inspires me the most! She is a single mother. I grew up watching her raising me and my sister on her own and she inspires me to best the best in everything that I do. In the end, all I want to do is make my mom proud!

HC: What made you start doing makeup? What kind of dedication do you have towards doing makeup?

MF: I started doing makeup as a hobby! When my senior year of high school came around, I took a class called senior project and I chose my career to be a makeup artist! My ending project was a photoshoot where I did everyone's makeup. I realized that doing makeup was something that I loved to do and wanted to be more serious about it. Being at VSU, I have grown tremendously as a makeup artist. My clientele has increased and I have also started my own makeup brand called, "Bella Bombshell Makeup!"

HC: Where do you see yourself after graduating college?

MF: Outside of doing makeup, I'm highly into promotion and marketing! I'm a part of a marketing team on VSU's very own campus, "The Baddies." My major is Public Relations and being a part of the team has helped me improve my marketing skills and has shown me of how much I absolutely love promoting! Having experience in marketing and makeup, I want to be able to incorporate both within my career whether its being on a marketing team for a makeup company or even working at a PR firm and being a professional makeup artist.

HC: What's your favorite quote that you live by?

MF: The most important thing is to enjoy your life is to be happy, it's all that matters." - Audrey Hepburn. This is my favorite quote because being happy is good for your soul. I try to always walk around with a smile on my face and that's something that everyone says about me. I always say happiness is contagious!

HC: What are you involved with in on and off campus?

MF: I am a member of NAACP, I'm the head makeup artist for Legends Modeling Troupe, Vice President of The Baddies, and a member of FreeSpace as well as head of marketing for FreeSpace.