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Starting New Hobbies



Often there are misconceptions about certain milestones and achievements you should reach in life. However, that is writing yourself a ticket to sadness and despair. Everyone has been telling us our entire lives not to compare our successes to the successes of others and let me tell you granny was spitting when she said that. Life is all about happiness and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. 


Life is a rollercoaster of emotions and having hobbies are just having little parts of life that help you cope and make you happy. There is nothing wrong with adding a new coping mechanism and a new happy bringing activity to your life, no matter your age. Whether it be woodworking, martial arts, painting, kitting, or picking up an instrument you should do something that makes you happy.

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Remember when picking up new hobbies that failure is inevitable, and if you don’t expect and mentally prepare yourself to not be great the first time, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Give yourself time to learn your new hobby, and revel in the failure. Take the time to adjust to learning something and celebrate all the little milestones. People are acclimated to instant satisfaction and learning is never instant, so picking up a new hobby can also be a humbling experience. Especially during quarantine, we must keep our mental health our top priority, and you must ensure that you are being mindful of your mood, your words, and how you are coping with being stuck in the house. This is the perfect time to pick up a new skill, and whether you want to learn one to have in your repertoire, to show off, or just to be happy, make sure you stay inside and have fun!



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