The Stages of Visiting Home

The day before you leave, you’re super excited to see your family and eat home cooked meals all weekend while relaxing and not worrying about school work!

On the way there, you’re so eager to get to your destination that any traffic and unnecessary stops annoy you to no end.

The next stage is what we like to call the “familymoon” stage. This is when you finally get home and everyone is so happy you’re there and you’re so happy to see everyone, you can’t even contain yourself!

The last stage goes out the window that night when you realize your room has been turned into something unnecessary. Like a home gym that no one uses or a storage room for all of the household junk. Now you’re sleeping on the couch!

But at least you get to sleep in and chill all weekend right? WRONG! The next morning, you’re up at 8:00 AM for (inserts reason that has nothing to do with you being up at 8:00 AM)

Then you realize all of the friends you were supposed to hang out with are busying doing “at home” things, so you’re bored and stuck at home.

While you’re bored at home, you might as well catch up on some homework you planned to procrastinate on...

Or not!

Everyone can agree it’s officially time to go home when you’re asked to do chores!

The weekend has come to an end and your family is sad to see you go, but you’re ready to leave the house like

On the way back to school, you’re so happy you can finally relax in your own space.

When you finally get back to school, you start realizing how lonely you are and start missing your family! Here we go again!