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Social Media can be a pain in the a**, but it can also be the best thing to ever happen to you. It can give you influence and connection with your family, or it can hurt your future and your psyche.


· Don’t take unrealistic advice from unrealistic people.

· Don’t post a photo that could ruin your future.

· Don’t post half-naked photos without thinking of your job or future.

· Don’t talk bad about people or places without thinking.

· Don’t cuss without thinking first.

· Don’t post negative comments aka Don’t be a HATER.

· Don’t follow negative people.

· Don’t think everything is real.

· Don’t believe everything you hear or see.

· If a person makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t follow them.

· Don’t strive to be anyone else.

· Don’t be a bully.

· Stop following those who hate you or those you hate.


· Do follow positive people.

· Do use it for business.

· Do think of your future.

· Do spend time off social media in the real world.

· Do follow people that have your same interests.

· Do follow your family if you want.

· Do follow your friends.

· Be an influence if you can.

· Do posts your prettiest photos.

· Do start conversations.

· Do post positivity.

· Be respectful.

· Do meet new friends.

· Do give likes.

· Do give positive comments.

· Do speak up when you see a bully.

· Do have as much fun as you can.


Alycia Ashmore

Valdosta '21

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