She Rises

In the midst of chaos and heartbreak, she rises through it all. Ever had that friend(s) that will text you or just simply give you a reality check face to face. That's the friend you call at 12 a.m. when your boo didn't text you back. That's the friend that will sit with you and eat ice cream while you are crying your eyes out. Through all this, your friend reminds you that you will rise no matter the tallest obstacle you are faced with.

Talking to these two close friend she realizes that when things get tough sometimes she tends to run away from the problem instead of rising up to overcome it. There she was just staring into space as life passed her by. It's not that she didn't want to move forward, she just didn't believe she could. It started with friendships falling apart, school getting hard, and eventually relationship problems. Little by little she started letting these things get to her and taker her joy away.

In the midst of it all, she will rise. She realized that the only thing standing in the way of her joy was herself. She let the negative thoughts pile up and suffocate her instead of seeing the bright side. When she got that reality check from her friend that she's the baddest thing out her and she can't let small obstacles bring her down because she too busy trying to chase that degree and stack this paper. When she started thinking positive she was free.

She was no longer controlled by those broken friendships and classwork that was getting harder. She was rising. She started to rise far above the person she used to be. People might have thought that she was weak and wasn't going to overcome it but little did they know that she's a strong individual. People sat back in amazement as they watched the obstacles that she was able to handle. She didn’t stop to pay them any attention or to check to see if they were comfortable with her rising. She was on a mission and there was no time to waste.

That she was me…That she is probably you… That she is unstoppable and nothing can stand in her way because SHE WILL RISE THROUGH IT ALL. SHE WILL NOT FAIL.