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Places We Wish Were in Valdosta

Valdosta is a nice and quiet city during the day time, and at night it can get a bit rowdy; however, there are a few places that are missing in this town. Being four hours away from home, it can be hard to go without the places that make cities great. Since Valdosta is a small town, it might be some time before we get these places, but here are some of the places that most Valdosta students wish were here:

1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a commonly known fashion store. They sell the latest fashions for a reasonable prices. As college students, we want to look good for a great price, so Forever 21 is the ideal store for every college fashionista. Valdosta, however, only has PacSun in the mall, which has nice clothing, but can be quite expensive. This leaves us to shop online, and who wants to wait for their clothing for over a week?

2. Chipotle

Who doesn’t love Chipotle? Their menu is filled with fresh ingredients and they always give you massive amounts of food. Talk about a bang for your buck! Moe’s is good, but it gets old and it’s not as healthy for you. If we had Chipotle, we’d have more of a variety and our stomachs would be happy. 

3. QT (for the 69 cent Slushies)

It’s hot in Valdosta most of the year, because we are on the Florida/Georgia border. How refrreshing would it be to drink a slushie on a super hot day, and only pay 69 cents for the largest size? QT Freezoni Slushies are what everyone looks forward to every summer, because you can customize them to your desire and they taste great! QT slushies would be selling out in Valdosta, and they would have to keep them in stock longer than just the summer months, because it stays hot here even into the fall!

4. Wolfcreek Ampitheater

Festivals are some of the best parts of the summer, and since it feels like the summer in Valdosta most of the year, Wolfcreek Ampitheater would be an amazing addition to the city. You get to enjoy the outdoors and some good music with your friends!

5. Disney World!

We’re already super close to Florida, and when you think of Florida, what place do you think of? Disney World of course! School is stressful, we all know that. Going to the happiest place on earth would combat this stress! Yes we’re all adults, but we also have a big kid in us at heart!


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Ora Lewis


My name is Ora Lewis. I attend Valdosta State University, where I study Public Relations. I enjoy all things fashion and beauty. I love meeting new people and traveling!
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