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It’s that time of year again, folks. The time when I finally start putting in the work to reach my New Year’s resolutions. If we can have Christmas in July, we sure as hell can have New Year’s Day in October! Besides, I’ve always been more motivated to get fit by a sexy Halloween costume than by a summer bikini. Here’s the perfect fall exercise routine for those who fell off the wagon. Don’t forget to warm up first though. I love this ten minute video from POPSUGAR Fitness!


To get our scarecrow arms back into shape, we may need to do a little more than carry all the groceries in during one trip. Here’s an arm workout you can try. Check out more instructions here!

 Legs (and A**)

Every a** is already a great one! Can we say it louder for those in the back? To get more strength in your lower body, follow this workout and find more instructions for each move here!


Remember, everyone has abs. But if you want to see yours, do these simple exercises and build the reps gradually over time. More instructions can be found here!

Remember to stay safe and never push past your body’s physical limits! All reps are simply suggestions, and just know, my first day back at the gym this October, I was NOT doing all of these moves in one day. Listen to your body, ladies!

And if you’ve been staying fit all year, good for you, girl! But for those of us that fell off the wagon or never even started (guilty as charged), I hope this inspires you to have a #HealthyGirlFall.

Presley Lovins

Valdosta '20

Presley is a raging feminist studying communication and dance at Valdosta State University. City girl from Atlanta, she loves all things classic rock and is passionate about empowering women. In her free time Presley enjoys yoga, poetry and painting.
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