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My Unwinding Routine After A Stressful Day

Having a bad day can instantly put you in a blah mood, right? It can also leave you extremely stressed and anxious, and as someone who has terrible anxiety, it can leave me feeling heavy, tired, and just not there. Usually, if I have a bad or stressful day, I like to relax and unwind by doing things that are soothing to me and makes me forget about the day I’ve had. So, I’m here to show you my unwinding routine after a stressful day, and I hope you try these when you have the time!


I take off my accessories, let my hair down, and get ready for a relaxing, hot bath or shower. 

Like most young women in their early 20s, I work AND go to school full time. I rarely ever have time to treat myself and give myself time to unwind correctly and adequately enjoy my “unwinding routine” for the day. So, when I do have time to unwind after a long day, I don’t miss out on the opportunity! When I first get into my apartment, which is around 6 or 7 pm, I usually go to my room, kick off my shoes, take off my earrings, apple watch, etc. and inhale a DEEP breath and let it all out. I usually have my wallflower plugged in that lets out a lovely, warm lavender and vanilla scent, and it helps me focus on the smell and lets my body know it’s time to wind down for the day. Afterward, I usually take my headwrap off and just relax in my bed, read a bible scripture, or scroll on my socials until I get ready for my shower. 

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 I start my shower, stand in the steam for a bit, then go to lay out what I’ll put on afterward. 

After I start my shower, I try to stand in the steam and focus on my breathing to help my body become less tense. I want to add a Eucalyptus plant to my shower to further enhance my experience (we’ll get into the benefits of Eucalyptus in another article :)). In short, it removes toxins and is very therapeutic when mixed with the steam from the shower. Once I’m done with that, I go back into my room to pick out my clothes that I’m going to *more than likely* sleep in and get my shower essentials ready to enjoy during my shower. I like to take my time when doing my unwinding routine, usually because I want to enjoy and savor the moments of self-care. It also allows you to relax more and focus on your routine. You should never rush! Always take your time and enjoy it!

Woman shaving her legs in the bathtub
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Time for skincare and comfy clothes!

This is my FAVE part of the whole process. I LOVE a good skincare routine! Once I oil cleanse, regularly cleanse, and all of that jazz, I slap on a hydrating face mask and go to put on my comfy clothes. My go tos are mostly long shirts or sweaters paired with comfortable sweats and socks or shorts and a relaxed tank. I like to turn on my favorite playlist and do some tidying up while I wait to rinse off my facemask. Playing your favorite music can boost your mood and spirits! 

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Light a candle and curl up in bed

After my room is nice and clean, the face is nice and soft, and my body is smooth and exfoliated, I like first to take out my wallflower. Then I light my Champagne Toast candle by B&BW. Finally, I turn on a Youtube video by one of my favorite YouTubers, Kaice Alea, and curl up in bed! Smooth and exfoliated legs paired with comfy clothes and going commando is quite lovely when getting ready to hit the hay! I usually spray my bedsheets with my 100% natural and cruelty-free ‘Lavender & Bergamot’ before I turn off my electronics and knock out. Lavender is a perfect scent that not only smells amazing but helps you fall asleep rather quickly. It also reduces anxiety and stress! Before going to bed, I again turn on my humidifier as well to get rid of dirty dust mites and other things floating in the air so I can sleep better. Humidifiers are so beneficial because they help you get over colds, sinuses remove toxins from the air, and puts moisture into the perspective.

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Kinga Cichewicz

When you have a stressful day, please don’t dwell on it! Breathe, take a hot shower, and enjoy time to yourself. Always take care of yourself

– hcxo 


Haley is a 20 year old Junior at Valdosta State University. She enjoys writing, admiring nature, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. The purpose of her articles are to help, encourage, and empower women through her writing. Her favorite type of articles to write are how to’s and words of encouragement!
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