Ministries/ Churches at Valdosta State University

When I first got to Valdosta State University, I could not help but notice there was a church on almost every block. But besides joining a ministry with a group of fellow believers, I needed to find a home church while I was away from my home. So, I researched the different ministries offered on campus and visited each one of their websites to read information on the ministry. I also followed their social media to see what time they met and where they met. Doing that gave me a heads up on what I should/should not expect at the first meetings.

BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministries).

I was apart of the BCM at my previous college, so I was kind of familiar. I recommend joining BCM if you are Baptist. Though BCM is not for everyone, give it a try ad you will eventually find your place.

Wesley Foundation.

I also joined Wesley.They are a Methodist foundation. I know what you are thinking, how could I be involved with a Methodist ministry and a Baptist ministry? Well as long as they preach the gospel, and Jesus is the main focus, it does not matter what denomination. Wesley has an amazing worship team. At first, I felt lonely going there because people were not very welcoming. It is the type of ministry that you have to put yourself out there, however, I eventually made friends and I love the Wesley Ministry.

Reformed University Fellowship

Last not least is RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). I believe they are sponsored by the Presbyterian Church. I met some of my closest friends in RUF. There is such a great body of believers, sisters, and brothers in Christ in RUF.


All these ministries are awesome. There is also: Xchange Ministries and the Newman club. Unfortunately, I do not have much information on those!  But I am sure they are also great!

In the end, I found the church I attend now through BCM. But I had to visit a lot of churches before choosing my home church. To be honest, when I first got here I went to Crosspointe church for about a month. I was more attracted to the lights and worship music but realized that I was not making a community, friendship or connecting for the sermon. I can worship anywhere but the word is the most important part of worship.

In conclusion, give them all a try, however if you find a church or a ministry that you felt instant connection, by all means stick with that. It is all about how you and feel and your relationship with God.