The Meaning Behind Black Lives Matter


As we all know, fighting for equality of the black race has been going on for decades, but adding the title " Black Lives Matter" made it a trend. It was put on social media when George Zimmerman judged and murdered a teenager named Trayvon Martin. People protested, but as soon as his memorial happened, social media was silent until the next murder. It shouldn't be a trend; it should be another way to empower the voice.

The meaning behind this movement is misconstrued. Some people may say black lives matter; it means you don't care about the other races. " All Lives Matter" became the echo behind this movement, which is why people are angry and frustrated. It's a known fact that All Lives do Matter, but when this list of name ends,

2020 Rashard Brooks, 27 shot twice by police (Atlanta, Georgia)

2020 Daniel Prude,41 Police restrained him to the pavement with bodyweight (Rochester, New York)

2020 George Floyd, 46 Police restrained him to the pavement with bodyweight (Minneapolis, Minnesota )

2020Breonna Taylor, 26 shot eight times by police (Louisville, Kentucky)

2019 Atatianna Jefferson, 28 shot by police (Miami, Florida)

2016 Alton Sterling, 37 tased and shot six times by police (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), shows that these names didn't matter. History keeps repeating itself, which is why we voice Black Lives Matter.

The white race had the privilege to live the American life of freedom. Black ancestors have been taken away from the Mother Land and treated like the gum on the bottom of a shoe. According to the thirteenth, fourteenth, and the fifteenth amendment, which gives the right to outlaw slavery, grant citizenship to people born in the US, and (men) the right to vote no matter the race, African Americans have the rights on paper, but not in reality. Different shades of the Black community is seen as a threat. Yes, justice needs to be given, yes the black community should be able to hold hands with the judicial system that suppose to protect, but we can't hold hands if the gun is in the way and the index finger is trembling on the trigger. The longer the silence is, the longer the black community is in danger and fear their lives in public and on their property. Black Lives Matter will always matter until the obituary of black people getting killed from the police department ends. say their names black lives matter sign Photo by Frankie Cordoba from Unsplash