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Makeup With KingAzariah: Collegiate Makeup Guru Here at VSU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

From watching tutorials on how to perfect our brows to experimenting on new looks and colors, we all have spent some time (and money) on makeup!  Jalen ‘KingAzariah’ Lazarus is a Mass Media major and sophomore here at VSU who is known for having absolutely amazing makeup skills that we all want! We were so excited to interview Jalen about his makeup tips, tricks, and more!

 HC:   When and how did you start to learn how to perfect your makeup?

Jalen:  I actually began to explore makeup for the first time during the summer of 2014. I just remember seeing a tutorial on YouTube and saying to myself “I can do that.” As each day passed I just continued to practice and practice and I am where I am now. My makeup has room for a lot of improvements but as they say, “Practice makes Perfect!”

HC:  What are your goals with your talents? Would you consider becoming a professional MUA in the near future?

Jalen:  My goal is to see my name in ULTA, Sephora, and all of the many other cosmetic stores. I do want to become an MUA but my real dream and goal regarding my makeup is to have my own high quality cosmetic line with a drugstore price.

HC:   Who is your favorite makeup Guru/ MUA’s?

Jalen:  I love, love, love me some AaliyahJay! I also enjoy watching VickyLogan, Sondradelux, StahrMilan, Chrisspy, and MsRoshPosh. If you’re reading this you should definitely check out some of their channels!

HC:   Do you have any celebrities that inspire your makeup looks?

Jalen:  Most likely it’s another guru that inspires my looks but there have definitely been sometimes I’ve seen a picture of Rihanna and have recreated the look.

HC:  Who are your favorite makeup companies?

Jalen:  This definitely is the hardest question in this interview! There are SO many great companies in the makeup industry from the high end lines such as: MAC, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Sedona Lace, and Morphe; to some of the more affordable drugstore brands such as: L’Oreal, NYX, ELF cosmetics, BH Cosmetics and LA Girl Cosmetics. So to answer the question my favorite affordable brand would definitely have to be NYX whereas my favorite “Save them coins” brand would hands down be NARS.

HC:  What are your makeup essentials and favorite products that you use daily?

Jalen:  My makeup essentials are my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil, LA Girl concealer, Pro Matte L’Oreal Infallible foundation, and my Ben Nye Banana Powder. Those are products that are essential for me that I absolutely need and never run out of. I also use those products whenever I am wearing makeup.




HC:  What are your go-to lip colors?

Jalen:  Definitely nudes! They will never fail you and compliment ALL looks! I also enjoy a very subtle pastel pink.

HC:  Tell us, what do you do to get your brows so perfect !?

Jalen:  The one thing I’ve learned about brows is to look at them like sisters as opposed to twins. So I focus on each sister’s individual needs, trust me on this, I’m not crazy.  Also, another tip do not, I repeat DO NOT use black to fill in your brows. Use concealer exactly one to two shades lighter than your skin tone to clean up what it is you have just drawn on.


HC:  How would you describe your style of makeup?

Jalen:  My style of makeup is very subtle yet glam. I like my makeup to look and feel like velvet. I usually always stray from colors on my eyes and color on my lip but Fall has just been taking me out of my comfort zone! Have to admit I’m loving it!

HC:  If there were anything you wish you did better (or could perfect) with your makeup, what would it be?

Jalen:  The one thing I have to master by the end of the year is eye shadow!

HC:  We all want healthy skin! What is your skin routine after the makeup comes off?

Jalen:  I have a very strict skin regimen that I follow every night. My skin is extremely and ridiculously sensitive. I take my makeup off with my Pink Makeup Eraser, I then cleanse my face with the Neutrogena Foam Cleanser, then I use the Biore Pore Cleansing Face Wash, after that I use the Ambi Face Wash, the last wash I use is the Noxema. Once my face is squeaky clean I use the Neutrogena Water Gel Moisturizer and call it a night!

HC: Everyone loves your makeup. Can we be expecting a YouTube channel from you soon?

Jalen: I really appreciate the compliments that I get from people it really does mean a lot because my makeup was once a monstrosity and when I receive compliments and comments regarding my makeup it lets me know that people see my growth as well. Regarding YouTube, I have actually set up my YouTube channel and I am in the process of recording some videos and editing them and my channel will be in full affect soon!



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