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Life, Love & College: How to Fight Depression Within Yourself

Have you ever pondered the importance of life? Questioned God’s reason for creating you, wanting him to make your life easier, or at least explain all your pain? Maybe you shuffled your sadness away and gave distractions your full time, but until it’s treated properly, depression can control your entire life. Here’s a few tips on how to not allow depression to weigh you down.

1. Like attracts like.

If you’re sad all the time, most people will try their best to cheer you up. However, if you insist on staying in your funk, they may become discouraged and give up trying to help you. Even if you can’t bring yourself to feel genuine happiness, putting on a smile can bring someone into your life that can help you actually achieve it.


2. Don’t dwell!

For much of my depression, I would have days where every bad thing that had ever made me upset seemed to fill my mind. On those days, I couldn’t see any way out of this horrible pit of sadness and into the light of day. Thankfully, what I learned was that the more you think about it, in any capacity, the worse the situation seems. In reality, every day is a new day filled with the potential for the greatest happiness you can imagine, if only you try to believe it.


3. No matter how bad it seems, life goes on.

At the end of the day, life waits for no man, and if you spend all your time worrying about yesterday, you’ll never be able to see the amazement in a new day. Today it may seem as if life can’t go on and everything has gone to hell, but tomorrow, or even ten minutes from now, the most amazing moment of your life can happen. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy that? Smile and feel the bliss of happiness. Nobody can live your life for you so don’t squander the happy moments!  

4. Smile!!

Psychologists have discovered that by simply smiling, one can increase the chemicals in their body that produce happiness, while frowning will prolong and deepen the sadness that they already feel. So when you’re feeling down, just smile! Although it may begin feeling like a forced tug of your cheeks, in a matter of seconds you will feel the warm wash of joy begin to fill your soul.

Happiness is a choice, and it was a hard lesson for me to learn. It’s easy to live in your sadness because at times it can even feel safe. But if you let yourself live in the moment and allow life to continue in its eternal way, you might just see the light of happiness. Every person’s situation is different, but we can all share that vital cure, which is happiness. So put a smile on your face and spread that joy that the entire earth needs!


Depression can cause one to feel as if they have no way out. The help of friends often times isn’t an option many take for fear of being judged by those closest to them. One of the amazing things about VSU is that it offers a free counseling center: people who are there solely to listen and offer help when asked. The service is completely confidential and students can feel the reassurance of the support of this amazing university. If you would like to speak with someone, simply call VSU Counseling Center at (229)333-5940 and make an appointment. Never take your own happiness for granted; it is the trendsetter for your entire life.

"Grasp every second...live it fully,without regret,and then forget it" Hi, My name is Ama Dorsey. I am a junior Dance major here at The Valdosta State University. Aside from the love I give through movement, happiness finds its way to me through writing in the form of poetry,short stories and now articles. I also love to read and make others smile. Have a wonderful Now!
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