Keys for Your Closet: Early Fall Edition

As we all know, Global Warming is a real thing that causes real problems! Exhibit A: Temperature increasing from 40 degrees to 80-something degrees between morning and lunchtime. How is one supposed to function effectively with such temperamental weather?! My wardrobe cannot be great when I dress for a cool October day and end up walking through campus sweating my edges out because it feels like July all over again. Seriously, what is that about?

Before it gets consistently cold, it is important to have a few staple items in your wardrobe that you can hardly go wrong with:


This one is totally a given, but you would be surprised how many people sleep on the best staple to have in your closet! Don’t just stick with the black ones either! Heather and charcoal gray are versatile colors, as well as navy, olive green, maroon, and brown. The possibilities are endless and Forever 21 has great prices and a great selection for this particular item. I dare you to find an unusual color in leggings and sport them the best way you know how!

*Side note: stockings are also a nice touch for adding a little extra to mini skirts and flouncy dresses.

Utility jacket

They may not be the warmest, but they are great for layering! If you leave the house in the morning with a nice, neutral colored jacket, no matter what you have under it, you will be a lot cooler compared to wearing a bulky sweater. Plus, you can always just take it off if you start to get hot. 

Flannel shirt

It’s a personal favorite of mine, and a timeless classic that I hope will never go out of style. You can wear it as an actual shirt (open or buttoned up) or be just as trendy and hip by tying it around the waist.  


It could be flat booty or a heeled booty, the choice is yours! They are not just fashionable, but pretty comfortable and can go great with almost any outfit. Are your toes not painted? Don't feel like exposing your ashy feet? Throw on your booties! Who can really resist a beauty in a pair of cute booties? (hint: no one)

Button-down jean shirt or dress or skirt

Blue jean appears to be branching out, even the blue jean skirts are making their way back in style. Maybe you will decide that you must have all three, the shirt, skirt, and the dress, or you will narrow it down to one. You can dress it up or casual it down so there are a wide range of possibilities for you, which will make putting outfits together fun and easy. Plus, it gives off such fall vibes that you might forget it doesn't actually feel like fall quite yet--unless you're in the Northern states.

Cheetah- print flats

Let's keep it real, not all animal print is flattering to wear. However, I have yet to see cheetah print flats that I did not like! As long as you pair them with the right clothes, there's no way you can go wrong with those jazzy shoes. It can send a bland outfit up several notches or add a little flair to your business casual look. But you must walk fiercely if you do decide to sport them!

Warm weather or cold weather, be sure you have the items above in your closet!! Most stores keep them in stock so they won't be hard to find! Don't let the weather put a damper on your mood, we have to show mother nature who's boss since she wants to play games! For great ideas on how to style your outfits using the clothes and shoes you have or want, simply refer to Pinterest, they basically do it for you!