It's "Just Twitter"

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I’m sure that we all use Twitter one way or another, whether it's keeping up with current events or just letting out some emotions about that annoying customer at work. Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest ways to stay connected with people around the world. Interesting enough, Twitter is widely used to bring awareness and show support for causes around the world as well. For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a movement that raised ALS Awareness while at the same time bringing people together for a common cause like the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

Most people use twitter to interact with their friends and no matter what the situation is, the question arises, "Is Twitter 'just Twitter?'" Some people feel that Twitter is just a social media site, since you control the content you want to see based on the people that you follow. Others feel that Twitter is much more than that since there are cyberbullies and "Twitter trolls." You can more than often tell when someone is "trolling"on twitter based on the context of their tweets. 

Given the previous two examples, I would agree that twitter is "just Twitter,” but with so many other advantages to such a huge platform, I would also agree that it is much more than that since it connects people together and helps spread the word about what goes on around the world.

What about you? Do you think twitter is "just Twitter?” Remember, you are what you tweet.