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Important things to remember for your first week back

[bf_image id="9gss4726mbnght3pk3jbvs"] Since I was a young girl, all I could think about was how this semester I’m going to get all A’s, turn in my work early, and get on the honor roll or deals list. Do you know how many times that successfully happened? I’ll spare you the guessing and let you know now; it’s zero. Some of us start going to sleep earlier before school starts, some of us do shopping for supplies that make us feel like we’re doing something but really aren’t because half of those supplies don’t even get used. It makes us feel like we’re on the right track, but what good is that when we’re not going to use them as we’ve imagined in our heads? I did all these things and hyped myself up only to be knocked down by the fact that I don’t have good study habits, I have a hard time saying no to my friends about going out when I should be studying or doing homework, I tend rather spend my time binge-watching Netflix shows and eating rather than doing what I’m supposed to be doing to achieve academic success. This happens because of what I call burnout.

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As I stated before, we get all hyped up and excited about doing something spectacular and defying the odds, getting on the dean's list, becoming more social, joining clubs to enhance our characteristics, and such. I recently learned that doing these things head-on with no increments or self-control can quickly lead you to burnout. That burnout can become depressed, and you find yourself looking up at this dim light that used to shine so brightly before you became overwhelmed. It’s an easy solution but hard to practice, and I say that because I’m still practicing. The key to burnout is to know your limit. There is nothing wrong with testing the waters, and if you believe it, you can achieve it and realize that you need breaks. You may be like me, a person that needs set schedules and times for certain events. You may have to turn off your availability after a certain time to achieve what you need. I noticed that my burnouts happen when I miss an assignment when I get a terrible grade or external factors. I did not limit myself to be exposed to. In the midst of my burnout, I kept thinking back to how I got here when I had this great momentum at the beginning. Where did it go? Did it leave because I failed an assignment? Or was it because I was going through something with a boyfriend? Did I argue with a friend? “A family member passed away from covid.” “I can’t go out and experience things like I used to do to COVID.” It’s stressful, and these things take a toll on our mental health and our academic success, but the thing is, we have ways to get out of that as well. Talking to a counselor at school or friends, doing some self-care, or heading to the academic success center for extra help.

There are options to hop over school burnouts, and I am trying to provide preventative measures rather than reactionary measures. You can do this, we can do this, and we WILL do this. 

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My name is Angelica. I’m a city girl who grew up 20 minutes south of Atlanta, depending on who’s driving that is. I am currently enrolled at #blazernation, Valdosta State University as a junior with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in African American studies. I’m a simple girl who fills her time with three solid activities, 1. Overthinking 2. Community Service, and 3. Advocating in various communities and such. A couple of fun facts about me is that I’m a huge Travis Scott/Don Toliver fan, and I’m also a Gemini if that’s any consolation. Welcome to my inner thoughts, also known as my writing page. Enjoy.
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