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How To Survive The Mid Semester Slump

As students (shoot, as human beings) we’re all a little flawed at times. Needless to say, right? So it makes sense that we’d all on some level or another go through the struggle of staying motivated. With everyone just completing midterms and the promise of Halloween closely followed by Thanksgiving break being just within reach, sometimes it’s just so tempting to fall into a comfortable slump of laziness. Don’t worry you’re not alone, but we can get through this together with a few tips on how to stay motivated so you can end your semester successfully


1.Get Rid of Distractions

As students, we can be easily distracted by just about anything from the incessant barking of the dog next door to the burning desire to finish that next episode of Greys Anatomy. Some of the things you find distracting can be dealt with by simply just removing the distraction. For example, study in the library or a quiet space to eliminate the rowdy neighbors or you could easily pop in some headphones and play soothing music. For the more internal distractions, its all about mind over matter. Set up a reasonable (PRODUCTIVE) interval schedule; for every assignment completed, you can watch that one TV show you’ve been dying to get back too.


2.Be Organized

Having an organized study space can be one of the biggest motivators because it can help with the elimination of distraction. But let it be known that it doesn’t have to be a typical or common version of organization, we each need to find our own version of what it means to be organized so we know what works best for us.  Once you get that down you’ll discover that focusing is easier. Start by having all your flashcards or study materials in one area or folder to eliminate tireless searching and confusion in the long run.


3.Know Your Limits and Find a Balance

As much as we’d like to think we’re invincible, we’re not. Invincibility is not the game we were built for.  We get tired and we get frustrated and often times we’re overwhelmed. But the important thing here is to discover your limits.  For example, you may find that you study best in the morning. Stick to studying in the morning and don’t push it. You’ll find that you’re much happier and your studying is more effective that way. Once you know your limits, find a balance. Even If you wanted to dedicate every waking moment to studying, you probably shouldn’t and besides, even if you did you may suffer elsewhere like in your mental health with all those hours of sleep you lost. Not to mention, your friends would miss you at wine night. Health is holistic which means that their needs to be a balance in all areas to be at our peak. The more balance we find the more successful we’ll be!

Don’t let the temptation of a mid-semester slump catch ya! Good luck ladies.


Tayla Means is a PR Girl working to get her Bachelors in communication at Valdosta State University. When she's not overwhelmed with the duties of senior year, she likes to take time out to enjoy the company of good friends in the great outdoors. This Ohio native, aspires to work in Brand Management and Hospitatlity from a location that feeds into her passion for travel and adventure. 
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