How to Stay Body Posi+ive and Confident



  1. Don’t compare yourself to the next.


More often times than none as individuals we sometimes want what others have. Like in elementary school when you see your classmate with a new book bag or a new set of twist up Crayola’s YOU WANT IT! Now, you may be thinking what does mediocre school supplies have to do with being body positive. IT’S THE SAME SCENARIO. Focusing on what someone else has can distract you from appreciating what you withhold.



  1. Work with what you G O T.

32A to DoubleDs and anything in between. All the assets that make your shape Y O U R S H A P E has every reason to be glorified. Little booties do matter. & being president of the tig bittie committee is just as important. There is no reason to sit around and mope wishing that you were less this or more that. Realize what you got and purchase clothing that coincides with what you got and makes you feel bomb.

  1. Stomach not on flat flat.

Let’s be real. Drake, not everybody is addicted to waist trainers and flat tummy tea lol TBH. That’s only realistic in the world which celebrities live in. Having that non-existent waist and butt two people wide. &that’s O K. Us normal girls have feelings of not only trying to tuck in your shirt, but tuck in your food baby. You sit down on a good day and look down to a couple of folds, its funny. I’ve had a couple days myself where that crop top I chose in the morning should’ve just been a graphic tee. All and all good day or “bad days” some things just aren’t going to appear overnight without a cosmetic surgery, if it did we’d all be simple and similar Stepford Wives.


  1. Wear what you want.

I’m so tired of the “she doesn't need to be wearing that” looks. Its never that serious, what one is comfortable with on HER body isn’t your business. Yes, there is a thin line between tacky and tasteful but you got to try some things to realize it doesn’t work for you. How many times has someone who's asked you “Why didn’t you get a bigger size?” or “That’s a little too short?” swiped their card in F21 for ya. Exactly. People aren’t meant to be pleased. So stick to just doing you.


  1. Mirror. Check. & a Playlist

What helps you make the ultimate decision? What makes you feel comfortable in your own even on your off days? Full-length mirror. Sink mirror. Dresser mirror. If you don’t have one of these in your room and a speaker that gets the neighbors knocking, this is an issue. My favorite way to stay body pos, conscious and confident is making the setting in my room the most comfortable and open. There’s nothing like being half dressed in your room with your favorite songs putting on a performance for yourself. In order to be comfortable and confident in public is to practice in private. I look at is like when you buy a fresh pair of heels, you always break them in by prancing around the house with them on. Getting used to it so when you finally step out you get that feeling of......Who gonna check me, boo?