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How to Say “thank you, next” to More Than Just Your Ex

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard Ariana Grande’s new single “thank you, next,” a record-breaking breakup anthem emanating positive vibes and emphasizing self-love. If you haven’t yet, press pause on reading this article and bless yourself with three and a half minutes of pure bliss here.

On a name-dropping scale from 1 — “Barbie Dreams”, “thank you, next” definitely leans more towards the latter, personally thanking each of her exes in the first verse. Far from a diss track, “thank you, next” cites love, patience, and pain as lessons learned that crafted her into the “amazing” woman she is today. 

The concept of “thank you, next” does not only apply to romantic relationships, however. It is thanking people or things that no longer serve you instead of dwelling on the hurt or stress they have caused. Then, it is taking the lessons learned from the situation and moving on to what’s next for you. Here are some areas of our lives that could use a “thank you, next” attitude:

1. Toxic Friends

By now, most of us have experienced toxic friendships, sometimes without even realizing it. These are the friends that only hit you up when they need something or only talk about themselves and their problems, showing no legitimate interests in you or your endeavors. 

Thanks but no thanks for another ridiculous request I’d never ask of you…NEXT!!!

2. School Stress

College is stressful; there’s no way around it. However, sometimes the stress we place on ourselves is unnecessary. Try your best and then try to release that stress as soon as you’ve done all you can. When you click submit on final exams, hand in research papers, or finish group presentations, turn in your worry and doubts as well. 

Thank you for all I learned about contract law while writing this paper. Now, I think I’ll take a bubble bath and watch some makeup tutorials.

3. Family Drama

Unwarranted opinions, uncomfortable questions, and unrelenting nagging are typical dishes served at many Thanksgiving dinners and are best served with a hearty helping of the “thank you, next” attitude. With many family squabbles, it may be easiest to agree to disagree. After all, we should be thankful for those who have raised us, but this doesn’t mean we cannot also have differing viewpoints. 

Aunt Susan, the ’50s called. They want their closed-minded opinions back!

4. Your Ex

Although there are many other applications to “thank you, next”, its original purpose still stands true.

Every failed relationship we have teaches us more about ourselves and helps us to grow into the women we are meant to be. Heartbreak isn’t easy and may even push you to lose yourself for a minute. You can always find your way back and choose to be stronger and better than before. 

Sometimes we hold on to past memories because we’re afraid of letting go of the “good times.” However, when your ex’s presence in your life or mind is hindering your growth and success, it’s time to move on to the next chapter of your life and create even better memories. 

Yes, it feels weird to unfriend the person you lost your V-Card to. But sometimes it also feels really freaking good.

The “next” part of the title doesn’t mean to immediately go out and find a new boo. Ariana sings that she’s moved on with someone else, boasting of their “better discussions” and the lasting nature of the relationship, only to reveal that she’s talking about herself. Vibe by yourself for a little while (or a long while). Focus on self-love and self-care. And remember to thank those that no longer serve you for the lessons they’ve taught and open up your mind, body and spirit to experience what’s next.









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