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How to Improve Your Agenda Planner

Would it be completely biased to talk about how agenda planners may be the best office/school supply ever created? It's simply a calendar that has transformed over time, but no matter the size or the design, planners are helping people everywhere! While you could just type a quick to-do list in your phone, or jot on the nearest sticky note, there is something about writing in the classic planner that is unmatched. 

1.) Pick a planner that suits YOU: 

Everybody's preferences for organization is different so of course you should take people's reviews into consideration, but find a planner that you like! Some have designs, some have the monthly and weekly view, some are small enough to fit in your handbag or big enough to hold like a textbook. Get what suits you because you're going to be using it for the duration of the year. There's no point in getting something that you will end up flinging to the side so your planner should be cute enough or plain enough to make you want to open it 10x per day!

** I personally recommend the Passion Planner (found at PassionPlanner.com), the Erin Condren for those that need a lot of space for planning (ErinCondren.com) for people who are very passionate about planning (using Washi tape and stickers, etc.) and a cheaper, more basic planner made by Blue Sky (found at Target)

2.) Get several good pens to use in your planner:

Am I just obsessed with office/school supplies? There's something about buying a new pack of pens that makes my heart go "ahhhh." The way that pens can just glide along the paper make paying the $7.00 or $8.00 worth it. A major plus is buying pens in your favorite color, or a variety of colors because it would be so visually pleasing!

3.) Doodle/practice creative freedom in the margins:

Back to that part about your planner being visually pleasing...doodling is good for the soul! You don't have to be a professional artist to throw a little flower or a random stick figure into the mix of words that are reminding you of everything you have to do. While some days are jam-packed and your list of things to do are never-ending, decorating the perimeter can help improve your outlook on actually getting those things done. Then when you look back at all you have accomplished, it's also a little animated!


4.) Write down the things that aren't serious too: 

A common non-serious item of mine that I write down is shaving my legs. You would think someone doesn't need a reminder for something like that, but if you put it in your planner and see it later then it is more likely to silence the voice in your head that said you could stand to wait another few days before shaving. Yes, that's right, your planner is great for guilt tripping! Writing down something that needs to get done is like a personal commitment to yourself so it 

5.) Encourage yourself too:

Every month, maybe even every week, should have something inspirational for you to look at while you plan so you can keep your focus and stay uplifted. The vibe that you create in your agenda is sure to spill over into your real life. Writing notes to yourself from yourself are surprisingly encouraging because they are so specific!

 I would write something along the lines of, "Okay girl, now that you got your hair and nails and toes done #treatyoself so maybe it's time to study for your test #teachyoself"

Another cool side note about planners is that they are for you to see and not everybody else so you don't have to worry about being judged for being corny. Your planner = your business!

6.) Color-code or highlight:

One of the most simple, yet effective ways to distinguish what you have done and what you have not or what is of high importance and what is not. This will keep your accountability level at an all time high; you will want to see all of the items that need your attention DONE. Whether it be a check mark, an asterisk, or even striking through the item on the list.

You may have given up on using agenda planners years ago or it could even be one of your favorite go-to items in your possession (me), but maybe these tips will help you with your organization to improve productivity and your own work ethic...and a cuter planner to look at, too!


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