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How I Learned To Embrace Being Called Cute

When most people hear the word cute they think of bunnies, puppies, and babies. Being called cute during my teenage years was not something I enjoyed. When I had become a teenager, life had suddenly gotten hard. Not college life hard but self-conscious wise hard. I remembered being a little girl and not having a worry in the world. When I had entered my teenage years, I was worried about the girls around me. They were so much different from me. Either these girls had outgoing personalities, were considered hot or beautiful, had great skin, had big boobs, etc. I on other hand was shy, was not considered hot or beautiful, had frequent zit pop ups, and was considered flat chested.

Because of those things, I was put into the cute category. If you were put into the cute category, people automatically thought you were pretty but definitely not drop dead gorgeous. You were the person who people thought were innocent and had no idea how to fun. You were also the person that guys would talk about marrying and settling down with, but not date at the moment because they wanted to have their fun first. Also you were the person that people could take seriously, so I guess being put into the category had its perks.

But when you’re a teenager, and you have these beautiful, hot, drop dead gorgeous women plastered everywhere from television to magazines, you become self-conscious about how you look. I hated being called cute as a teenager. I had took it as an insult, and considered anyone who referred to me as cute stupid.

In my late teenage years, I had started to branch out and was slowly but surely coming out of my comfort zone. I had showed anyone and everyone that I had made contact with my bright personality. My personality was so bright, it definitely shined through. Even with my personality people had still referred to me as cute. Surprisingly, I am okay with that. I loved my personality and everything about it! It’s what made me, me! And if people saw me as cute because of my personality and not because of my looks, then I was okay with it.


Today, I proudly embrace the word cute because it describes my personality which shines through to the outside.


I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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