How to Have Fun While Studying for Finals

Thanksgiving break was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to get back to the books! Finals week is here and we all know what that means: bottomless cups of coffee and endless studying. Every college student knows how dreadful studying can be, especially with the pressure of finals! Here are some ways to make studying enjoyable!
1. Host a study party:
Hosting a study party can be fun AND beneficial towards your grade. Studying with your classmates can help you understand the topic better by receiving everyone's input. Grab some finger foods and invite your friends from class! Hitting the books will be a lot less dreadful with a group. 
2. Reward yourself while you study:
Reward yourself for every 30 minutes of studying you do. Whether you're rewarding yourself with food, a shopping trip later that day, some TV time, or a nap, this will make you want to study and keep you satisfied along the way!
3. Create a study game:
Grab some flash cards and create a matching game or create your own Jeopardy game as a study tool! Compete against your classmates or have someone quiz you! Your competitive spirit will make you forget you're studying. 
4. Make up a song:
Using your school work and creating a song from it can be fun and helpful. This will make the material much easier to remember. Be creative, have fun with it and remember it doesn't have to be perfect!