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How to Have a Better Day. (Dorm Edition)

Do you ever feel lazy all day, in class, walking around campus or even in the dining hall? Literally, our college students feel like that almost, every day. I have come to believe that the number one statement college students say is, “I’m so tired”. I hate feeling that way. I dislike going to my room in the middle of the day to sleep in between classes. Here are some basic steps to make your day 100x times better.

The first step to having a better day is to simply wake up early. Set your alarm for 6 or 7 in the morning. DO NOT PRESS SNOOZE. This is going to be a really hard thing to do, however, it is worth it. Force yourself to get out of bed. If you do not have morning classes, get dress, grab your headphones and take a nice morning walk outside. What I like to do is, throw on some leggings/sweats and a hoodie, grab my headphones, listen to Christian contemporary music, and have talked to myself, to God or whatever your preference is. Watch the sunrise. This is literally the best refreshment ever. After the morning walks, jog or run, you can go back to your dorm take a nice shower, go eat breakfast. That my friends are the starter for making your day a whole lot better. It all starts with that one step of getting out of bed. It is so much better than waking up, laying on your bed scrolling through social media until classes start. Try this technique at least once a week! You will not regret it, I promise.

The next step to have a better day is simply avoiding going back to your room during the day. Unless you absolutely need to return to your dorm, try to stay out of it. Usually, the bed calls your name when you go to your dorm during the day and as a result of naps during the day, you end up staying late up at night and waking up late in the morning. If your classes end early or you have a huge gap in between classes, try to go to the campus recreation, go to the library or simply sit outside and meet a new friend. You can go grab lunch with your friends or by yourself. (We all need that alone time.)  One fun thing I like doing is exploring the different buildings I have never been to on campus. You are not going to have a class in every building, so why not see what other buildings on campus look like?

Last but not least, It’s best to not go back to your dorm til after your supper. Once you get back, change into comfortable clothes, wash your face. Catch up on family, friends, significant others. Before bed, try doing yoga. Doing yoga can help relieve any tension to get your muscles ready to rest after a long busy day. If you have tea, especially warm tea, drink that before bed. Pack your backpack for class the next day, set alarms and at last sleep! (Say your prayers if you wish)

That my friends, is how to have a better day. Try this out and let me know if you had an amazing day.



Ciara Jones

Valdosta '20

Hello, Ciara Jones is a "Senior" at Valdosta State University, majoring in Mass Media. After she graduates, she is planning to go into ministry working with communication media and journalism. She has a passion for Jesus, writing, kids and food. She loves attending bonfires and concerts on her free time.
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