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How to Find the Right Sports Bra

Ladies, when it comes to working out having the proper gear is essential. As women, the right sports bra can make or break our whole workout. Making sure the girls are secure can be the difference between a 30 minute cardio workout and a 15 minute cardio warm-up. A bra that is too tight can hinder breathing and result in chaffing. A bra that is too loose allows too much movement and no support. So how do you know what sports bra is right for you? Aside from getting a professional fitting, here are some tips for handling the girls during your afternoon jog.

The Band

The band is the bra’s support. When looking for a sports bra, look for a wide bands with tough and strong elastic. The band of the bra should fit flat to your body all the way along your rib cage. Also, your band should not rise up in the back. If it does, try loosening the straps.

The Straps

When it comes to your straps, tighter is not always better. Your straps should prevent up and down movement, but only provide minimal strength. Your straps should also lay flat against your shoulders and not dig into your skin. Adjustable straps are the best way to ensure the best support.

The Cups

The cups of the bra should completely cover your breasts. If there is any spillage, the bras is too small. To unsure you are getting the best fit don’t be afraid to adjust your breast with your hands in your bra. The fabric of the bra should lay fat against your breast and there should be no wrinkles or over-stretch. Good luck!

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