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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

The universe has a funny way of manifesting our purpose. Many days we go through life wondering why we were put on this earth. I feel as if these questions are more frequently asked during our 20s. During this time, we feel as if we’re supposed to have it all figured out at this point. When in reality we don’t.

Life is just getting started for us as we hit the milestone of being alive for two decades. In this time of your life, it is normal to feel a sense of urgency to have everything figured out, from what your career will be to who you’re going to marry. What I admire most about my generation is we don’t pressure one another into rushing to have everything together. Instead, we encourage each other to take our time. It’s okay to spend 4+ years in college. It’s okay to have difficulty, at first, searching for a job right out of college. All of those trials are apart of obtaining life lessons to pass on to others later on in life, and keep to yourself as a part of your success story. 

In the moments where we are down and out, we tend to lose ourselves and the energy that is required to find our purpose in life. This journey is nowhere near easy because of the many emotional ups and downs that come with it, but that is what makes the journey beautiful. Living in the moment where you’re down and out can really help you walk down your purposeful path. I say that because it takes a lot to pick yourself up after you’re down. So, if you have enough strength to pick yourself up when you’re down, then you have enough strength to keep pushing towards your purpose.

Sometimes there are people will doubt you and your purpose in life. I deal with this problem by reminding myself that I am more than what people think I am. I am worth more than what people think I am. I am capable of more than what people think I am capable of. In times like these, it’s important that those of the New Millennium take charge in realizing their purpose as well as their full potential and block out the negativity. Peace and love everyone! 

Kylah Gilbert

Valdosta '20

My name is Kylah Gilbert. I am a 20 year old Juniorish at Valdosta State University. My writing is an insight to who I am as a person. So welcome to me as a person.
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