Final Exam Preparation

Final Exams is finally upon us. That means campus is about to be packed with students, going to the library and having conferences with their teachers. Here are some tips on how to avoid the crowd and study stress-free:


1. Library

Of course everyone will be rushing to the library, so avoiding the crowd should be a priority. Too many people in the library can easily take away from the relaxing, calmness of it. Unless you've rented a study room for the week their's no way you can get any work done with half of the population of the university in the same building. So where do I go? Your room is a great spot. You have a desk in your room. I know  you probably use your desk for your makeup but it's time to move the contour kit to the side and set your textbooks there instead. Another place is the park, study rooms in your dorm, or maybe a local coffee shop in town.


2. Coffee

Want to go to Starbucks? Huge no-no during finals week. Everyone will be there, trying to get their coffee fix to stay up all day. Instead of standing in that long line for over-priced coffee. Try hitting up the coffee shop in Odum. Not a lot of people know about it, and the coffee is really good. Also, go to the grocery store during the week, they have many coffee packets you can add with water if you don't have a Keurig or coffee maker. 


3. Procrastination

So you waited until finals week, to speak to your professors about your grade huh? Not a good idea. Prior going into finals week, you should have a good understanding of your grades, and what  you need to get on your exams to receive the grade you want out of the class. Also if you show the professors that you only care at the end of the school year, they tend not to care about what grade you receive. Talk to them at least a week before the exam.


4. Study Buddies

Study Buddies are great for a class that you guys have together. But make sure you study on your own, as well with a partner. Sometimes having another person with you studying can be beneficial, but it can also be distracting and your buddy might have completely wrong information. That would really suck come exam time.



Take a deep breath. You've studied for this. You know the information. You know your grade in the class. You'll be fine. Make sure your're getting a good night's rest, just as much as your studying. Overworking yourself is REAL. Stressing is NOT fun. Drink your water, keep your head in those books, and ace your exams ladies!!!


Don't let your grades define who you are. You are so much more. Shoot for the moon and you may fall amongst the stars!