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The Everyday College Fashionista: 5 Trends That Should Fade FAST!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

With Joan Rivers no longer around to lay down fashion laws, it is only right that we continue her legacy and tell it like it is. She must be turning over in her grave knowing that such “fashion felonies” are being committed, but not for much longer!

Fashion fades, style is eternal. Trends? Trends are TRICKY. They appear almost out of nowhere, but if they’re kept around too long, they become wrong on more levels than one.

Currently, there are quite a few trends that are quickly playing themselves out. They either don’t fit across all seasons or they have just been completely overused. Below are a few trends that need to quickly develop into sporadic styles versus everyday essentials.

1. The Top Knot

Although this style has been rocked by some of the biggest celebrity names, such as The QUEEN herself, it is quickly becoming overused. Sure, it can turn a bad hair day around almost instantly. But, it should not be an everyday style for anybody.

Tying your hair up often can cause a huge amout of breakage! If you limit using this style to once every now and then your hair will certainly thank you in the long run. But of course, if you insist on sporting this style, switch it up with some of the many variations such as the half top knot Ariana is rocking above!

2. Black Leggings

Yes, they should be in every woman’s closet as a staple item for chilly days when you need a little more layering on your legs. However, no one should rely on them as pants, ever! Why? Because they’re not pants. 

Yes, guys love them because they leave almost nothing about the lower half of a woman’s body to the imagination. However, who really wants to see every crease and crevice of your booty? Put it away! Cover it up!

Since it’s tough to do away with this staple product completely, let’s try to switch it up by pairing it with shorts, or even by adding a few tasteful slits here and there! Just don’t keep giving the world a peep show in your sheer black bottoms!

3. Uggs (especially with shorts)

Almost every woman should plead guilty to wearing these gems when the weather is not quite fitting. Let’s face it: sheep’s skin is luxurious especially when it’s providing a warm pillow-y home for your feet! But they look plain silly when you’re wearing them with shorts or better yet when they’ve been worn so much that the soles are nearly non-existent!

If you’re going to wear these, some serious precaution must be taken so that you aren’t another point of amusement. Do not ever wear them with shorts! There will never be a time where this is okay. Instead, wear them with other winter-related clothing. Most importantly, take care of your Uggs! They should definitely last you a while considering the small fortune spent per pair.

4.Penciled-in” Eyebrows

These are just plain wrong. Whoever is responsible for this atrocious alternative to face-painting should be ashamed of themselves. Women have a tough enough time getting their eyeliner to match on each eye. So who on Earth wants the pressure of having to freehand draw eyebrows onto their face added to their make up routine?

To the women who have mastered the art, I applaud you! For everyone else, including me, there is beauty in all things natural (including your eyebrows)! Just please do not allow yourself to walk around with thick black drawn-on caterpillar brows. Instead, embrace your natural brows! Your mother made you beautifully; eyebrows and all!

5. Crop Tops

These are the cutest, especially when you have a hard-earned toned tummy to show off! They’re even perfect when combined with cut off shorts, high rise pants and maxi skirts. But they can be taken too far, too.

Just because a crop top is long-sleeved or made out of sweater material does not make it suitable for frigid winter winds. Adding sleeves to a crop top is actually pretty contradictory. But no one asked for my opinion.

Honestly, in most fashion photos they look quite appealing. If you’re bold, try styling your sleeved crop like the Kardashian sisters. Or, just do what I do and store them away until warm weather returns. Lucky for us, Valdosta only experiences a few weeks of true winter weather! 90 degree forecasts will be back before you know it.

These are all suggestions. In no way am I or any of the HC Valdosta ladies the fashion police. However, everyone can use a little fashion advice every once in a while. This just so happens to be mine to you.!


I'm Brisha, a senior at Valdosta State University double majoring in Public Relations and Spanish! Writing hasn't always been my "thing" but I now find it to be a beneficial way to express myself! My passions include fashion, fitness, healthy eating, and relationship building. Follow me on Instagram @BShavonte!
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