Dear Beautiful Black Girl,

Dear beautiful Black girl, 

Look at ‘chu. Glowing and sh*t. I see you. We all see you. Even the ones who thought they could steal your shine see you. You’re more than a pin cushion for sharp, but empty insults; you are the blueprint for the ones who are unfinished sketches. Rigid copies.

From the coils of your hair to the stature of which you stand; your beauty is radiant and natural. Captivating and remarkable. Spontaneous and defiant.

It seems like God created you to be the focal point of the Universe. The world envies your poise, disrespects your presence, but hurries itself to be just like you.

You are the most disrespected person, unfortunately. Years and years of empty hatred has tainted your image (past, present, and future), but you’re more than that; you are brilliant. Strong. Worthy of good things.

We have a lot of strong Black women before us to thank for our strong foundation. Always remember that you’re just as good as the next girl. You’re unique…and that’s on period!

With love + affirmation, 

-Marissa Auriell