Dealing with Migraines

Do you ever find your headaches growing to be unbearable where it seems as if you can’t even function? Well, my friend you are possibly suffering from a minor or severe migraine. Essentially a migraine is a headache on steroids. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines when I was in the 10th grade. So, over the past six years, I have developed a pretty good routine for dealing with them when I am alone and in public. Keep reading to find out a few of my tricks.

Say No to Triggers

Your migraines could possibly be from specific triggers. My migraines are triggered by certain foods that were in my diet, too much loud noise, and too much sun. My food triggers were more so snacks like ALL Cheetos and gummies with sugar salt. There is a specific ingredient in those foods that triggers my migraines almost immediately after I consume them. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of them. Try and learn your triggers and get rid of them for good. It’ll save you a lot of pain later on.


If you find your migraines are just popping up every other day like mine were, then it is probably time for you to make your way to the doctor or your university’s clinic. They can run tests and prescribe you something specifically for your migraines. Migraines can be anywhere, your temples, behind your eyes, etc. so learning where yours are will help your doctor to better diagnose you.


Dealing in Public

Sometimes you get migraines and you can’t just run and find a quiet place to lie down and rest your eyes. If you find yourself getting a migraine while you are out, try slipping on a pair of dark lens sunglasses, and sipping on some caffeine. My favorites that tend to help me out a lot are Mountain Dew and Coco-Cola. The caffeine seems to help settle the migraine, and help with the pain. Keep those sunglasses on though because too much light or sunlight can trigger the migraine to flare back up.

Dealing Alone

If you find that a migraine has flared up when you are all alone and have nowhere important to go just take a pain killer like Motrin, Tylenol, or a prescription specifically for your migraine and lay down. Make sure there are no noises, no lights on, television off, and try and go to sleep. Sleep is your best, best, best friend when a migraine occurs. Just sleep it off, and you should wake up fresh and renewed.