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Dating a Sports Fanatic

Relationships are ever-changing and this is a well-known fact. Depending on your significant other’s interests, there will be all kinds of environmental factors to take into consideration. While your mind may be operating by seasons of the year or holidays, your someone special can sometimes be on a totally different page. In fact, if he or she has any kind of fascination with athletics, they probably think of the months of the year by sports seasons. While I consider February the month of love, my wonderful boyfriend thinks of the second month of the year as the start of the collegiate baseball season and superbowl time. When you’re dating someone whose world seems to revolve around all things sports, it creates even more room for compromise. There are a few things that nobody tells you when you enter a relationship with a sports fanatic. Luckily, I’ve learned a thing or two since dating one:

1. It’s not you, it’s the game

*disclaimer: this is NOT an excuse for your SOS to ignore you*

If there’s a game that your someone special really wants to watch, chances are they have been looking forward to said game since it was announced. Believe it or not, they didn’t choose for the game to fall on that particular day and time so you either compromise about when yall will hang out or watch it with them. Chances are that he would much rather be spending time with you and his favorite team!

Yes, it really is that serious

Okay, okay, it may not be that serious, but at the moment it feels like it! When the team loses, the fans lose too. Plus, you saying that it isn’t that big of a deal will not be helpful…at all. The bad mood won’t last always, but if they need a little time to mourn their favorite team’s most recent loss, then just let them. The same goes for winning! There is a big tendency among sport fans to get a little too excited, but who are you to judge? 

2. So you can memorize the entire roster and their stats, but you can’t __________

For some reason, learning the name of every player and their height and weight is easier than learning other things that are relative to the relationship. Why can he remember the specifics about someone he’s never even met, but I always have to remind him what I was wearing when we first met on that random day seven years ago? I mean really. Life in love would be a lot easier if everyone remembered everything, but that would be too perfect and a little boring. Let them care about the wrong things (ONLY sometimes), fuss a little, and move on. You have to admit it’s quite impressive to quiz your significant other about random athletes and watch them recall the information.

3. You start caring too

Don’t worry, this isn’t a trap. I don’t consider you a bandwagoner just because you start to like the same team or athlete as your man or woman. In fact, it’s quite natural for you to become fond of the team and the people that you’re always hearing about. Especially if you start watching games with them. Ask questions, get acquainted. Chances are that if he or she is a fan now, they will be for life!

The good thing about falling for a sports fanatic is that you know they’re passionate about something. It may not make sense to you to see them rant and rave about such things, but it’s not up to you. They were like that before you so the least you could do is support the supporter. Also, sporting events make awesome date ideas! You’re enjoying each other’s company in an environment with dozens of other pumped up fans. Just go with it!

Try not to be victims of beer spillage.


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