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Campus Cutie Shane Daniel ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

Meet Shane! You’ve probably seen him lifting at the Campus Rec or supporting one of his many campus organizations! One thing’s for sure; you’ve always seen him with a smile on his face. If you’ve never had the chance to converse with Shane your opportunity’s now because he is one of this week’s Campus Cuties!

Name: Shane Daniel

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA

Classification: Junior

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Major: Exercise Physiology

Relationship Status: Single

HC: Why did you choose VSU?

Shane: I’m not going to lie, it was the front lawn along with the fact that I would be so close to Florida but far [enough] away from home that I could be my own person.

HC: What do you like to do in your free time?

Shane: I spend most of my free time at the Campus Rec working out and playing basketball! This year I’m more involved on campus as a part of Black Student League, Collegiate Men of VSU, and NAACP.

HC: That’s pretty cool. Being involved is essential to the success of your college career. What do you want to do with a degree in Exercise Physiology?

Shane: I really want to be a physical therapist. But I also want to branch off and do a lot of different things like: be a personal trainer, open my own gym and train high school athletes.

HC: Nice, nice! So how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Shane: Well first off, I’m goofy. I’m not even going to lie, though I might not show it, I’m a sensitive person. And, I’m very laid-back. I usually just go with the flow.

HC: Sensitive? Not many people would admit to that. What’s something you’d feel incomplete without if left at home?

Shane: My earrings. If I don’t have earrings in my ears I feel like I’m naked as if everyone’s looking at me funny. [Laughs.]

HC: Those are definitely important parts of an outfit. So, what do you notice first about a lady?

Shane: The first thing that I really notice is her smile. If her smile can brighten my day that definitely means something. I also recognize the way she carries herself by the way she walks. I like a confident woman, so she needs a confident walk.

HC: Do you consider those things to be the same as your turn-ons?

Shane: No, I have different turn-ons. She’s got to have a nice little figure. I work out a lot, so she’s got to hit the gym a couple times a week too. She also has to have nice lips to go along with her nice smile. They just correlate. And, her personality has to be good. If she can brighten my day that’s the biggest turn-on!

HC: So do you have any turn-offs?

Shane: Oh, definitely. If she carries herself too high up (as to put herself on a pedestal), I’m not a big fan of that. But if she carries herself too low and has no confidence I’m not going to really notice her. And honestly, I pay attention to the way she eats. She has to eat in a dignified manner. I mean, come on, there are people out here watching! [Laughs.]

HC: What would be your idea of a perfect date?

Shane: Well we’d have a wonderful home-cooked meal that we’d make together. I can cook a little bit, but I’m really good at baking. That’s my specialty! I like dancing too. Since I’m Jamaican, I’d like a nice dance on the beach with the sand and the ocean as the perfect scenery. Most of all I just want to be able to connect with her. 

HC: What do you consider most important when you’re in a relationship?

Shane: From what I’ve learned in my past relationships, consistency is everything. You have to be able to communicate on a consistent basis as well as be there on a consistent basis. All other factors, like communication, have to be provided consistently. Past experiences have taught me that.

HC: So I’ll assume from all you’ve said so far, you’ve got a beautiful celebrity crush. Who is she?

Shane: I really like Nicki Minaj! Her music just does something to me. Oh, and Eva Mendez. That’s my baby right there! [Laughs.]

HC: If you had to eat one thing forever, what would it be?

Shane: If I could live off of my grandma’s cooking for the rest of my life I’d be good!

HC: What have you learned since being at VSU?

Shane: Since being at VSU, I’ve learned to have an open mind. The people I’ve met here have taught me a lot. You have to have an open mind, be open to new ideas, and branch out. Don’t be trapped in your own mind. Open up to the world, and see what’s out there for you!

HC: Last question, what is a quote that you strive to live by?

Shane: Every day before we leave, my roommates and I tell each other to “be great today!”

Alright ladies, now that you know a little more about this sweet faced fellow, follow him on Instagram @born_ready5 and on Snapchat @shanedaniel19! 


I'm Brisha, a senior at Valdosta State University double majoring in Public Relations and Spanish! Writing hasn't always been my "thing" but I now find it to be a beneficial way to express myself! My passions include fashion, fitness, healthy eating, and relationship building. Follow me on Instagram @BShavonte!
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