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Campus Celebrity Hannah Craig ’15

Hannah Craig. The name that inspires Freddie Freeman to play baseball. The name that welcomes all people to Blazer Nation as a curent VSU Student Ambassador. The name that reminds you of commitment, care, and consideration. Meet this Campus Celeb below!

Name: Hannah Craig

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Major/Minor: Marketing/Advertising & Promotion

Classification: Senior (Graduating in December! Go Hannah!)

Student Organizations/Involvement: Member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, member and Treasurer of Hillel, VSU Student Ambassador, VSU Orientation Leader, Gamma Chi for 2014 Formal Recruitment, and Front Desk Worker in Lowndes Hall

Introvert or Extrovert? “I’m extroverted in means of being social and outgoing, but I do like to be independent and keep some things to myself.”

HC: Hey Hannah! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hannah: I have a strong passion for baseball and the Atlanta Braves. If I’m not watching baseball, I love to play intramural sports and watch the Blazers play. I can juggle and I can wiggle my ears. I also spend a lot of my free time hanging out with my sorority sisters. My favorite television shows are Scrubs, Gossip Girl, Family Feud, and more recently Modern Family. I also spend my time involved on campus activities, such as Relay for Life. I’ll [also] be studying abroad this summer in Germany.

HC: It sounds like you’re always keeping yourself busy with extracurricular activities. For your academics, what motivates you to stay busy for your major and minor?

Hannah: I make a list of the 7 most important tasks I need to complete every day in order from urgent to non-urgent. I learned this concept in my Time Management class last semester and it has been a huge help in keeping me going every day. I also make sure to surround myself around others that are just as motivated as me.

HC: What is your ultimate goal upon reaching graduation in December?

Hannah: I want to work more with sports marketing, and hopefully work for a major league baseball team someday.

HC: When you graduate in December, what kind of impact do you hope to have left on the Valdosta State community?

Hannah: I hope to leave an impression on students that anything can happen if you put your mind to it. VSU has given me plenty of opportunities to grow and help further my future goals. I hope others can take advantage of all these great opportunities. Graduation will be there before you know it, so don’t pass up on these good fortunes.

HC: Graduation will be here before many of us realize it. What advice would you give to incoming freshman?

Hannah: Mistakes will happen…A LOT, but these mistakes will shape you into a better person. Don’t think you have to go a certain path like others in order to be successful. Make your own path and don’t be scared to try new things.

HC: That’s great advice Hannah! One final question – very important and crucial to this interview – who is YOUR favorite celebrity?

Hannah: Adam Sandler for sure, especially in his older movies like Billy Madison and Water Boy.

Catch up with Hannah live tweeting Braves games at @HannahCraig_10 and posting photos from her exciting life on Instagram at @hannahcraig_10!


University: Valdosta State University Major: American Sign Language & Interpretation Likes: eating doughnuts, going for a run, & doing paperwork Dislikes: tomatoes + lettuce on my cheeseburger, bad attitudes, & walking through mud in white Keds Follow Me: @brokenseaglass + @kekrivsky (Twitter/Instagram)
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