Book Review: Things I Wrote By The Window by Maya C. Newsome

Things I Wrote By the Window is the first book of VSU junior and poet Maya C. Newsome. The book was self published and released for sale late June.

All the pieces were written over the past year and reflect Newsome's personal perspective. “The political pieces are my take on ethical/world issues; in no way did I say my perspective was right, but it is definitely different,” Newsome said. She gathered all her pieces together and brought it to publishers. The publishers didn't like the direction she was going, saying it was too “bold” and wanted her to cut pieces. After some research, she decided to self publish! “The bottom line is that I want people to [take a] step back, listen, look, and learn. The world is so much more complex than we credit it to be and everyone's words and views are important, even if it doesn't line up with yours,” Newsome said.

The book is a collection of poems classified by topics: the Lord, love, the world, other souls, and herself. Each poem is different from the first yet they all flow into each other. Things I Wrote By The Window has a very peaceful and powerful message that is conveyed through these beautifully written poems. As I was reading the book, I found myself captivated and unable to put it down at times! The poems are relatable and straight from the heart.

The book is very refreshing and a great summer read. Whether you're relaxing at the beach or in the house, this book is a must add to your summer reading list.